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mezzoblue Archives

Prior versions of this site, up to and including the current iteration. mezzoblue began as a thought and a series of mockups in 2001, but didn’t officially launch as a real site until February 2002. (Please don’t email me about broken links on these pages; they’re to be expected.)

v6 — The contemporary phase.

Dec 2006 – (present)

You are here.

v5 — The don’t-change-horses-mid-race phase.

Aug 2004 – Dec 2006

A design that lasted longer than expected. Perhaps because I was fond of it, or perhaps because I simply didn’t come up with anything better, this one called Wintermint ran for over 2 and a half years.

v4 — The inscrutable phase.

May 2004 – Aug 2004

An attempt to introduce something new, this one called Proton was launched to a mixed reception. This snapshot is incomplete and buggy, but you get the idea.

v3 — The IPO phase.

Feb 2003 – May 2004

A long life for this sturdy, dependable design, dubbed Radar. The layout and content types evolved over the year it adorned mezzoblue; this snapshot comes from earlier on in its life cycle.

v2 — The weblog phase.

Nov 2002 – Feb 2003

A very lightly tweaked (but heavily designed) Movable Type install. Teeth-cutting experimentation at its finest, I’m still fond of this frustratingly inflexible design.

v1 — The ‘undefined’ phase.

Nov 2001 – Jul 2002

Was it a portfolio piece? A publication? Something else? After mezzoblue was launched, the site itself lacked focus and frequent updates for some time.

Splash Pages

Between launches, various splash pages were cycled whenever the heck I felt like it. (1, 2, 3, 4)

From time to time, a special ‘cover’ adorns the home page of mezzoblue. (Nov 11 2003, Dec 23 2003, Apr 1 2004)