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Icons often have multiple meanings. Does a key mean “Security” or “Administrator”, or is it just a key? The IconMatcher exists to help you find the right Chalkwork icon for the job, regardless of how the icon is named in the preview.

  • For the best results, keep the searches simple and don’t use action modifiers. For example, use cart rather than “add to cart”. (The results will tell you if any extra actions exist).
  • Filters: include a minus in front of a term to exclude it (eg. card -credit), a plus to ensure each term is matched (eg. +square +flag), or include a term in quotes to ensure the spaces are considered part of the search (eg. "credit card")
  • You can search by action, metaphor, colour, or shape, and you can combine multiple search terms to narrow down the results. Example: blue arrow returns results that match either blue or arrow, while +blue +arrow returns a smaller set of results that only match blue and arrow together.