mezzoblue Essentials

Articles that deserve a more prominent spot on this site, the “Essentials” are a list of those that I consider the most useful. If you’re new to mezzoblue, this list is a perfect place to start reading.

What is RSS/Atom/XML/Syndication?
Those little orange 'XML' buttons are starting to litter the webscape. You may be hearing about things like RSS and news feeds. But it’s all developer code-speak that may as well be Greek. What does syndication mean to you, the user? published 05/04
A Roadmap to Standards
You’ve heard of table-less layouts. You know that CSS can do more than fonts. You want more, but how do you get it? This roadmap shows you the way. published 04/04
CSS Problem-Solving
Debugging CSS. Tricks and tips when building a table-free site. published 03/04
Side-stepping IE
How to make the most of that buggy browser from Redmond. published 02/04
Browser Support 2004
A rational look at which browser should and shouldn't be catered to, given that it's not 1998 anymore. published 02/04
Type: The Extra Mile
Exploring anti-aliasing options for Photoshop-generated type, and how to improve your kerning at the pixel level. published 01/04
How to Conceive a Layout
In which I break down the process of building a table-less layout to simple theory and instruction. published 12/03
ASP to PHP, with MT to Boot!
Walking through a painful conversion process from one back-end technology to another, and struggling with Movable Type backups. published 12/03
Plugging the RSS Usability Hole
A look at the ridiculous orange buttons, and ways to clear up confusion for inexperienced users. published 11/03
Colour Bland: Value
Colour Bland: Contrast
On colour-blindness and web design. published 09/03 and 10/03
HTML and Foreign Languages
A how-to guide on creating non-English content for the web from an English operating system. published 7/03
It’s Time to Take Back Times New Roman on the Web
Using CSS to re-invigorate the old workhorse font. published 7/03
Techniques for progressive site enhancement using advanced CSS. MOSe stands for Mozilla/Opera/Safari enhancement. published 6/03
Last Updated: 8 Apr 2004