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A New Number 1

November 01, 2011 Browser usage graph showing Chrome surpassing IE in 2012

Take it with the usual grain of salt that should accompany any news of global browser trends, but, extrapolating out from the 2011 trend in StatCounter’s Global Stats Chrome appears set to surpass IE as the most-used desktop browser some time next summer. And that will finally end the 13 year domination of the market by Internet Explorer.

Though, I’m a little sad that Chrome’s market share is also coming at the expense of Firefox.

Shaun says:
November 01, 12h

It will be interesting to see how new versions of IE will change this dynamic. They’ve gotten better technically but they’ve got a huge reputation mountain to climb.

The decline of Firefox is a bit sad but I think they shot themselves in the foot. I was on the FF bandwagon and wasn’t really considering a switch to Chrome until FF got bloated.

Dave S. says:
November 01, 12h

I rather hope IE10+ don’t change the trend to be honest. Paul Irish says it better than I could:

Duncan says:
November 01, 12h

I’ve find myself using Chrome more and more often these days. It’s just so snappy. I feel guilty about it though because I should be supporting FF.

What do use as your primary browser Dave?

Duncan says:
November 01, 12h

Yeah that’s right “I’ve find myself” hehehe

I mean *I find myself*…


jive says:
November 01, 15h

I’d rather see people switch to anything but Chrome, but if you want Google to spy on you, go for it. Chrome doesnt allow tabbing through the address bar either (you can configure Opera to do this and FF and IE have always allowed that for good UX).

Nic says:
November 01, 22h

I have to agree with Duncan - FF is just getting too bloated. At least once during nearly every session there is a point where you have to wait for it to snap out of a “(not responding)” state. This is on Windows 7 for what it’s worth, and I suspect that some of the issue is interlocking between FF and my antivirus. This lockup always happens when a download finishes, but sometimes it just happens for the heck of it as well.

Oh, and start-up time is waaaaaay too long on FF.

November 02, 09h

Hurrah! G’damn! Shazam! Next summer will be my sweetest yet!

November 02, 10h

I agree, Dave. Good to see IE knocked off the throne, but I’m really dismayed that Chrome is also cannibalizing Firefox’s share to do it.

November 04, 02h

Funny, I’ve recently migrated back to FireFox from Chrome. I think the latest version of FF is far less bloated than in the past and certainly doesn’t chew up my system resources like it used to!

I still have a soft spot for Opera - such blindingly fast load times, but nothing else remarkable to offer. And Safari seems to render bolder, clearer fonts than any other browser. I refuse to touch IE (any version) and my aversion to Chrome is based on reluctance to pass any further browsing data back to its Google overlords.

November 07, 22h

Really? I am surprised, i thought FF is going to be the one that is going to replace IE from the no. 1 slot!

This is good for Google, after the failure of Buzz and now looks like the Google + is also fading down, it must be giving them a reason to rejoice, at least they going good in the Browsers market!

November 08, 08h


Give Firefox another shot. I think their latest release (7) is fantastic. I am using Firefox now. I do not want Google to spy me over the Internet through their browser.

It’s too much power. Facebook, Google, et al. Put your eggs on different baskets.

Kelly says:
November 09, 10h

I will echo the comments of others here … I have become tired of the super-slow load time with FF, the occasional freezing, and the occasional warning from my system that FF is using too much system memory (on my XP desktop and my client’s XP laptop - not seeing this on my own Win7 laptop).

I’m also tired of what seem to be constant update nag screens, though I admit I go weeks before acting. And I seem to recall reading they have a new goal of updating every 6 weeks. Why do that? I suppose it’s in the name of keeping up with the competition, but I really don’t enjoy such frequent prompts to upgrade (and the concomitant notices about all the plug-ins that won’t work anymore).

As for Chrome, I understand it’s supposed to be snappy and I’ve worked with some folks who are big fans, but I’m also leery of putting all my eggs into one basket. I’m not sure google could get all that much more information out of my browser than they already have from all of my searching, but I do know that *some* of the information they could gather is that which I don’t want them to have (banking, etc). So sad not to trust google who, once upon a time, I saw as a saving grace in the face of MS. Alas, that time has passed.

If you guys say FF7 is better, I’ll give it a try. I’ve just about given up on it and have been ignoring the 7.x update screens. I keep hoping I’ll make a decision to jump ship, but can’t quite bring myself to do it. So, on to the upgrade and we’ll see if it is more promising than the version I am using (6.x).

schweppes says:
November 09, 12h


Chrome also updates every 6 weeks. The difference is that they silently, secretly update without telling you.

The #1 reason in my book for the regular updates is that the people trying to steal your passwords and empty your bank account never sleep.

If you search old tech news you’ll find many examples of browser based exploits that were patched by Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome days/weeks/months before Microsoft fixed IE.

And even more cases where the exploit only existed in IE.

The web does not stand still. Those dedicated to exploiting its weaknesses so they can rob you would love for you to keep ignore those upgrade (nag) screens.

Also the people who make the web what it is, the developers behind the websites you love and use daily have dreams of giving you an even better experience but those dreams must wait for better technology to exist in the browsers. Every browser upgrade takes us all one step closer to that next super-cool facebook feature or killer web-app.

November 17, 04h

I had the start-up time and freeze issue with Firefox, I solved rebuilding the Places sql file (with the Places Maintenance extension). Also making a new profile and disabling unused add-ons could help.
I suggest using a profile with web development extensions just when working, as some of them are really heavy. It is possible to have two Firefox windows running different profiles at the same time if you launch the application adding -no-remote command.