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Chalkwork Adoption Fund Drive

April 01, 2009

If we hang out in the same online joints, and I think that we do, you probably also caught word of Jonathan Snook’s adoption headache last month, and the fundraising campaign he has been running to get some help.

I donated when he first put up the page, but noticed that things have tapered off a little since then. They’re getting much closer to the adoption date and he’s still only a third of the way to his original goal.

So I decided to help more:

For the next two weeks, every dollar that comes in from any Chalkwork icon purchase will go to the Snook Adoption Fund. I think what Jon and Michelle are doing is great, and I hope by deciding to donate the full amount to their fund you might consider helping us get the word out too, be it by blog, tweet, Facebook, or anything else. I’ve got banners on the explanation page, or you can just link there.

(And I was almost going to leave this post till tomorrow owing to the annual Internet Annoyance Day, but let’s just agree to overlook the date, okay?)

Update: Jon’s got the details, but the adoption has unfortunately been cancelled, so the fund drive is now over.