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New in Chalkwork

November 03, 2008

The pixel factory sitting on my desktop has been busy this fall. I have not one but three new Chalkwork sets to announce today (discounting the weekend heads-up on Twitter, of course).

Chalkwork Flags

Chalkwork Flags Preview

First up, a set that was quietly launched back in September but not really announced at the time, Chalkwork Flags. Just prior to this summer’s Olympics I was working on a project that required a small set of flag icons, so I spent the rest of the games cranking out my own set of every sovereign nation on the planet.

I’ll admit, these flag icons were the most fun I’ve had creating icons so far. Having existing source material with many common elements and a pre-defined style and palette made the design decision-making a lot easier, so they came together awfully quickly, which was a nice change of pace.

Chalkwork Editing Controls

Chalkwork Editing Controls Preview

Next, just finished last week is Chalkwork Editing Controls, a set of WYSIWYG-like icons for text and graphical editing. I trolled the toolbars of popular design and word processing software to put together a list of the most commonly-used controls.

The first pass seemed awfully grey; a lot of the icons didn’t have an inherent colour, so I stuck with a common palette to make sure they’d sit well next to each other within a toolbar. But the result ended up a little too monochromatic for my liking so I went insane and produced 11 different colour variations for most of them, making this the largest set I’ve produced by a long shot. I don’t recommend doing this.

(A special thanks to Anton, Juliette, John and Sam for responding to my Twitter request for a bit of critiquing, your input definitely made for a better set.)

Chalkwork HTML

And finally, to show my appreciation for your putting up with this purely commercial post, I have an entirely free set that you can download right now. Chalkwork HTML might even be useful, too. It contains 31 icons that cover common markup elements and actions. Plug ‘em into your wireframes, use them on your web sites, or anything else you can think of. They’re yours for the taking, and available in all sizes and file formats that the rest of the Chalkwork family comes in.

There are colour variations of this one too, but you only get those if you buy Editing Controls or the Collection. Freemium, baby.

Chalkwork Collection

As always, you can get every single Chalkwork icon I’ve produced thus far (almost 1,800 in total at 3 different sizes) in the Collection, which at a revised price of $249 is still a lot cheaper than buying them individually.

November 03, 12h

I’m impressed. Within the constraints of a tiny icon, you seem to have tried to respect the Canadian flag’s oddball 2:1 proportions:

Dave S. says:
November 03, 12h

Thanks. The flag icons are all meant to be as proportional as possible, except for at 16x16 where they all end up taking the same width because that’s just not enough to work with. (though Canada is far from alone in the 2:1 aspect ratio, it’s used a lot in the Americas and the Middle East)

Where I really ended up getting into trouble was with odd numbered details like, say, cramming 13 stripes into 24 pixels without one being extra fat. Then again there’s no way I was fitting 50 stars at any size, so some details are intentionally abstracted already.

November 03, 13h

They look great…I’ll start saving up right now. Just FYI: the collection is still listed at $199 at the bottom of the page.

Dave S. says:
November 03, 13h

Ah, thanks, got that fixed. There’s always something…

Thomas Dybdahl Ahle says:
November 03, 14h

Great work!

Btw., the labels for “Align (Center Vertical)” and “Align (Left)” are mixed up.

November 03, 19h

Another beautiful set of icons! I am especially partial to the emoticons, but the entire collection is great.

Pete B says:
November 04, 01h

Like the flags! must have taken ages

November 04, 03h

Just stunning! Will certainly be scraping around for pennies to buy these beauties for my next web app.

Travis says:
November 04, 14h

Nice work Dave!

Those flag icons are sure to show up all over the web - they’re brilliant!

telga says:
November 05, 13h

Those are beautiful. And many thanks for sharing the html icons, that I can use (and afford!) today.

All the best,

dtamas says:
November 06, 04h

well done, nice work!

Dave says:
November 11, 09h

I have to agree that the flag icons are incredible. I was able to click on the link and search through all the flags created. Cool little design. They look great.

Thomas says:
November 14, 18h

I like fresh style of emoticons of Chalkwork Editing Controls set. Excellent for forums.

Jona says:
November 14, 22h

Yours icons are really good. Though the icons are small they are perfect in their look.
Great work

November 22, 22h

LOL @ “so I went insane and produced 11 different colour variations”

I’m a fan of colour and yours are very tasteful - nothing insane about them. Very nice work.


December 20, 12h

That pink eraser in the editing tools the best one I’ve ever seen. I wonder if it is as ‘universal’ looking as I think it is.

Also love the HTML outline style with the roman numerals.

nicholas king says:
January 05, 04h

just out of interest how come you included a great britain flag and a scotland flag without Northern Ireland England and Wales? not a critisicm by any means just looking at the rational. They do look great by the way.



rob stathem says:
March 06, 11h

Aww, thanks Dave! This is greatly appreciated. I’ve been wanting to do hanging quotes for some time now and can finally do this.


March 25, 08h

I really like this chalkwork icon set. I am planning on using these on a social networking website I am developing.