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February 28, 2008

Ah yes, that unmistakable smell of conference season is in the air. A few places I’ll be making an appearance in coming weeks:


I seriously considered not attending this year. It seems there’s a growing feeling amongst those who have been going for years that this event is getting to be a bit too much to handle, especially with the plethora of other web conferences that have sprung up in the past few years in their more intimate settings.

But, I’ll be there after all! Paul Hammond invited me to be the “independent contractor” or “designer” or “hardly qualified, but maybe we’ll get a few good stories out of him anyway” voice on his panel about collaboration during web projects. Don’t let the web app focus in the title fool you, I don’t do nearly enough of those to be that specific about the type of projects I’ve collaborated with others on; I’ll be drawing from the experience I’ve had plugging myself into established teams, and working with clients directly. With a line up of three super-smart Brits and a talented Aussie, plus the token Canadian, come and see the Commonwealth throw down on Tuesday afternoon.

(And this year I’ll be feeling Jeremy’s plight, as it’s looking increasingly like that room at the Hampton is going to be single occupancy. Sadly, Lauren probably won’t make it this year, so if I’m a little distracted during any hallway chatter, it’s not you! I promise!)

An Event Apart

When Jeffrey and Eric asked me to come speak at an earlier event, it pained me that circumstances didn’t work out. I have never been to An Event Apart, and I’ve really really been wanting to go for some time now.

Happily, the latter part of April was clear for me, and I’ll be heading down to join what looks like is going to be a crazy-good New Orleans date. My talk, “Living, Breathing Design”, will be a look at how web sites change and grow during and after the design process, and how we can choose to add growth into our work. As always, expect lots of design and code talk.

(psst… and if you haven’t registered yet, the magic code is AEADSCSS. It’s $50 in your pocket. Use it.)

While I’m at it, a few more things I’ve been meaning to mention in some capacity or another for a while now (funny how far off the wagon you fall when running a conference of your own):

Rosenfeld Media’s First Book: Mental Models

This one is particularly close to my heart as I’ve been working with Lou for the past few years, and during that time witnessed his publishing company evolve from a concept to reality. We were very privileged to have Indi Young, the author of Mental Models, join us at WDN this year, and early reviews have pegged this one as a winner. If you grab a copy, make sure to use the code FOSHEA10 for a small discount.

The Lab with Leo

Back in November I went in and did an interview with Leo Laporte, which is now up on Google Video. It’s just a basic overview of CSS, and like all rapid-fire on-the-spot TV interviews there wasn’t much room for nuance and error-correction as we went, so pardon the stalling for time while trying to figure out how to explain things like the history of CSS… Still, I think it came off rather well, for an introduction of a style language to the more general audience who watch the show. (Ian Lloyd, you owe me a beer.)

February 29, 08h

“(funny how far off the wagon you fall when running a conference of your own)”

I hear ya, my brotha. I hear ya.

We’re really glad you’re coming to New Orleans, too! We’re going to have a blast, and it will be great to see you again. I think last year’s SXSW might have been the last time I saw you, and that was probably for all of four minutes, what with the craziness and all.

Aaron Mc Adam says:
March 02, 17h

I’ve been on the lookout for some good conferences in the UK would you know of any?

March 03, 09h

It’s strange that I’ll likely see you in Texas before we bump into each other across town at Workspace :)

I have to give a +1 for both Mental Models and Rosenfeld Media’s site. Ordering was painless, and before the print version arrived I had a full PDF to start into, for that immediate gratification feeling. Luckily I have a brand new project to start applying some of Indi’s methods, which doesn’t too often coincide with learning new techniques. While I can’t offer a conclusion yet I can say the book and Louis’s site are worth checking out.

March 03, 11h

Good job on your interview. Leo is such a great guy and a geek icon.

March 03, 20h

Good interview. I was at WDN08 this year, awesome conference, hope to make it next year.

Tom says:
March 06, 10h

Just got done watching you with Leo on Google video and I think you did a great job and it was good interview.

Mag Leahy says:
April 09, 01h

Dave are you coming to @Media London?

Michael says:
April 15, 04h

Are there any webdesign conferences in Dubai or in the Arabian World planned which are worth to visit? Although lots of designer seem to emigrate to Dubai I couldn’t find any conferences or meetings there yet. Maybe it is worth to organize such an event there.

Natalie says:
April 15, 06h

Ooohhh! Leo Laporte! God, I miss that show! I can no longer find it on our local cable channel. Anyways, good job on your interview.

Tobi says:
June 04, 08h

I just saw your interview / video with Leo Laporte and followed to CSS Zen Garden! Wow this is so amazing what can be done with CSS. I´m realy impressed and try to get into it more to start to build my own sites up from scratch! I think i´ll just hang around here for a while browsing your archive … Thanks Dave.