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Weblog Entry

WDN Roundup

November 27, 2007

So there are a few pieces of WDN news that we wanted to put out there. I’ll make this quick, cause I wouldn’t want you to miss ’em by skipping an overly long post:

  • The most urgent news is that our early discount ends Friday November 30th at midnight. As of December 1st, the registration price is our full and final price. If you’re thinking of coming, you might be wise to get in on the discounted price and pocket the difference. (Which is basically an extra day at Whistler…) (see the update below)
  • In speaker news, last week we quietly added Douglas Crockford to our lineup. If you’re doing anything with Ajax, this is a talk you’re not going to want to miss.
  • And finally, in sponsor news, both Media Temple and Microsoft are already on board for 2008. You might remember Media Temple’s blowout closing party from last year? Get ready for the sequel. And those of us at Whistler were thrilled to use the Garibaldi Lift Company as a home base and filling station thanks to Microsoft’s great support. We’re doing that again too.

Things are shaping up, we’re almost done adding events and speakers, but stay tuned, there’s even more yet to be announced.

Update: we’ve decided to extend the discount an extra week, so you’ve got till this Friday to get in on the early price.