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WDN in 2008

October 16, 2007

Aside from icons and iPhones, what’s been keeping me busy lately? Well you may remember, around this time last year we announced the first web conference in Vancouver.

And what a conference it was. 2 days packed with incredible speakers, great parties thanks to our sponsors Adobe, Media Temple, and Microsoft, and a pair of amazing days boarding (and skiing) up at Whistler.

So… are we doing it again?

We’d be crazy not to, wouldn’t we? We’re still working hard at finalizing a few more details, but you can get a good taste of what’s coming up at the end of January at our re-launched Web Directions North site.

I’m really thrilled by some of the speakers we’ve arranged for January; Indi Young’s going to be talking about User Experience, and we’ll have some copies of her brand new book Mental Models, the very first out of Rosenfeld Media. Josh Williams is coming up to talk about his experiences running a design business, and how the nature of doing so has changed for him. Kimberly Elam is covering traditional design techniques and how they relate to the web, you may have three or four of her books on your shelf already. We’re honoured to have Jeffrey Zeldman’s opening the conference, and Matt Webb closing it. And there are many more I haven’t mentioned, go take a look.

Registration is open now, too. It’s a good time to get in at our best rate of $795 — the savings are like another full day at Whistler. Don’t wait.

Update: forgot to mention, we just launched the revamped WDN affiliates program, which in addition to earning you a free ticket, could also earn you an expenses-paid trip to Vancouver in January. Airfare, hotel, conference ticket all at no cost. Probably a smart idea to sign up as an affiliate… like, now.

Web Directions North

(photo courtesy Media Temple)