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Chalkwork Update

September 17, 2007

There’s a whooole lot of new stuff to see in the Icon section of this site. I released my initial set, Chalkwork Basic, earlier in the year with the intention of continuing the family at some point. And today it does, with a new set specifically designed with content and information management systems in mind. It’s called (creatively enough) Chalkwork Information Management.

Chalkwork Update

I didn’t stop there though. The more I’m doing this, the more tricks I’m picking up along the way. I went back to the first set and gave some of the original icons a visual refresh. Subtle things that you probably won’t notice unless you have them side by side, but updates that bring the styling of the old set a little more in line with the new one, along with a couple new icons to boot.

Even then, I still wasn’t content to let it rest. Oh no, there’s more. I’ve noticed that it’s common for other icon sets to include minor variations such as “add” and “remove” actions as full-fledged icons within the set. I’m doing things a little differently. For select icons — roughly half of each set — a series of 5 actions is also provided: Add, Remove, Edit, Secure, Sync/Share. Every icon that receives one of these actions receives all five. There’s almost no editorial discretion over which might be more useful than others, just a huge dump of icon variations that are there if you need them.

To give you an idea of how many icons we’re talking about here, Chalkwork Basic originally had 70. Now there are 10 times as many. I count 177 base icons in the Chalkwork family, with an additional staggering 520 variations. All 697 are available in 3 different sizes. And 6 file formats. Yes that was a lot of work. Yes that post gushing about IconBuilder happened for a reason.

If you bought a copy of Chalkwork Basic prior to yesterday, please get in touch for a complimentary upgrade to the new version of the set. Everyone else, go check out the new icony goodness.

Will Pate says:
September 17, 11h

Beautiful icons Dave! People, please start using these in your apps now.

September 17, 11h

Great work on the new Chalkwork icons, Dave. I liked the original set and it looks like you’ve not only improved that, but have also added a great add-on (or separate, depending on needs) set too.

Oh, and the spam icon cracks me up, even though I don’t think I would’ve known what it was without the name underneath it.

Dave S. says:
September 17, 12h

@Patrick Haney - “Oh, and the spam icon cracks me up, even though I don’t think I would’ve known what it was without the name underneath it.”

I had to be somewhat careful about that one. Couldn’t use the trademark, but I figure it’s hard to make an infringement case out of generic pink gooey substance on a plate. I’m okay with a label being being necessary; no one likes mystery meat navigation after all. (cringe)

September 17, 12h

Beautiful icons Dave. I think we’ll be using these for the next version of our CMS. I’ve tried creating icons myself so I know just how tricky they can be. Congrats on a great job.

Adam says:
September 17, 12h

Very nice icons! I have wanted to dabble in icon design once I found the time.

BTW, the technorati “blog reactions” script is causing your site to load slooooooooowly

September 17, 12h

I only wish that I had been able to purchase this set instead of the original version, as there’s more here applicable to the project I was working on at the time. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all.

Is it at all possible to purchase individual icons?

September 17, 12h

It’s nice to see an icon set that is large in quantity, high in quality, and consistent. There are tons of nice icons out there for free, but it’s hard to piecemeal a whole set together with any kind of consistency.

September 17, 13h

:) Congratulations.

September 17, 13h

I know pretty much jack-all about design, but even I can tell these icons are super-awesome. Well done, sir!

Stv. says:
September 17, 13h

Nicely done!

Alberto says:
September 18, 00h

I love your icons and your unique style.

Only one question: aren’t you planning to build a book icon, maybe similar to the address-book one? I think it would be pretty useful for many users.

Tom says:
September 18, 02h

Very beautiful icons Dave. Congratulations! for Your great work! Regards Tom

September 19, 09h

Very nice work once again! Great iconset, thumbs up!

Nick says:
September 19, 12h

Great-looking icons! I might try and float the idea of purchasing them for in-house project where I work.

My only criticism is that the ‘publish’ icon isn’t very obvious. Even with the label, it wasn’t immediately obvious what the icon was depicting.

That said, the visually-similar Dashboard icon is spot-on.

Daniel says:
September 23, 12h

Really great icon set! Good job, Dave…

September 24, 10h

Lovely looking icons… I have a question though which you don’t have to answer.

How are they selling?… personally I try and steer clear of things like this and would rather make my own should the need ever arise.

Its not that they aren’t good, its just the fact that there is the possibility of other apps or sites using the same ones.

I suppose its akin to using template sites for creating a website… the whole purpose behind designers is to create something unique and tailor made…

If you know what I mean… :)

November 05, 09h

Oooh, lovely.

I was just starting to get tired of famfamfam silk Icons, too.