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April 19, 2007

Bits are flying out across the planet as you read this, updating name servers and propagating the happy news that no, in fact, has not fallen victim to squatters, hackers, or the general underbelly of the web.

This morning I received initial contact from my registrar that the domain was up for renewal… in the form of an expiry notice. Then there were the dozens and dozens of other emails from all of you out there wherever you are. Thanks for your notes, questions, conspiracy theories, and general goodwill, but rest assured the domain has been renewed for another chunk of years, and soon whatever you’re seeing will be replaced by whatever you’re supposed to see, if that hasn’t happened already.

Which leads me to my question — who’s everyone using for domain registration these days? After years of increasingly questionable service I’m ready to bite the bullet and move everything to a serious business concern, instead of the current discount shop who appears ready to switch on the revenue generator search engine spam the minute I screw up.

Assuming GoDaddy is not an option (with censorship issues being a solid reason #2, surely I’m not the only one avoiding direct eye contact with this spectacle), who should I check out?

Brandon says:
April 19, 10h

I use Enom and have been very happy with them for about 6 years. I currently have two accounts, and over 300 domains between clients and myself (probably 100+ just mine)

They have some really useful features and great support. I highly recommend them.

Natalie says:
April 19, 10h

I’ve been using for 8 years now. Never had a glitch with any of the 20 odd domains I administer.

Highly recommend them.

Christine says:
April 19, 10h

Have you considered. HostMySite. They have great technical support

cmv says:
April 19, 10h

I use Network Solutions and have never had an issue. You will pay a little bit more but I’ve found them to be worth the extra money for their good customer service and peace of mind.

Josh B. says:
April 19, 10h

I myself (after the whole goDaddy debacle) ended up at and couldn’t be happier.

Lou says:
April 19, 10h

We just moved our company’s sites to PairNIC and couldn’t be happier. We really like the ability to get at some of the more interesting stuff like TTL, CNAMEs and MX records.

Runa says:
April 19, 10h

The “official” service of is called DomainAlert and it seems very professional. Anyway I didn’t ever try it so I cannot say how it effectively works.

Parker says:
April 19, 10h

I use GoDaddy. That said, GoDaddy is scum. I have strong suspicions that they leak domain search queries to a third party; when I considered registering an OBSCURE name after checking its availability on the GoDaddy site, and didn’t buy right away, it was gone within a couple hours and a squatter page had been put up at that location. After the five-day “wait period” the domain was available again. How else could anyone know I had searched for that domain? From now on, it’s command-line WHOIS lookups for me.

And there are just a lot of other shady reasons to distrust GoDaddy. I am ashamed to say I still use them.

ceejayoz says:
April 19, 10h

I’m a huge fan of - they’re the premium price of $35, but the backend management is to die for. 90, 60, 30, 15, 10, 5, 0, -5, and -10 day warning e-mails (I’m a procrastinator) and wonderful support.

ramanan says:
April 19, 10h

I am using Dreamhost now, and haven’t had any problems thus far. Prior to them I was with 1&1, and they would renew your domain automagically when it was coming time to renew.

April 19, 10h

I’ve been using Doster since 2000. Never had a problem. Over fifty domains there now.

Over the last serveral years Dotster has been steadily more and more covered with adds for related products and “upgrades” to webhosting, it can be hard to figure out sometimes how to just register your domain.

But their service has stayed good.

April 19, 10h

GANDI.NET is what I use. Full control or simply UI, cheap and efficient, no spam, timely reminders.

beto says:
April 19, 11h

I’ve heard good things about They’re based in France and though they are far from being a bargain (those Euro fees certainly add up!) they respect your domain ownership in full, no hidden traps, etc. So it may be well worth the extra investment if you care a lot about those issues.

I registered a bunch of domains at GoDaddy some years ago and I can’t wait to move them all elsewhere. Live and learn.

April 19, 11h

I’ll second Dreamhost; their domain and DNS management tools are quite nice.

Sam Brown says:
April 19, 11h

I have domains all over the shop, I highly recommend DomainSite, Dotster & NetSol.

I also am very suspicious of GoDaddy.

April 19, 11h

I used to work at and still use for my domain registration. While they could use some design love, they take good care of their customers, have a reasonable price and I know their ethics.

Dan W. says:
April 19, 11h

We use PairNIC ( Not the cheapest, but they have been solid.

I like to keep my domain registration separate from my hosting, so in case I have a problem with my host, I can easily move to another host.

April 19, 11h

Another positive vote in favor of It’s ridiculously easy to manage all of your domains including MX and CNAME records. And when a domain is set to expire they start letting you know at the 30 day mark and they keep reminding you each and every week after. And at less that $8.00 (USD) a pop it’s hard to find any fault in their service.

summervillain says:
April 19, 11h

If you want to register your own name servers, I think Network Solutions is worth the extra cash.

For everything else I use NameSecure. I started using them because of a personal connection with someone in the support department, but I stayed with them because I haven’t needed technical support.

April 19, 11h

I have been using Domain Direct for quite a while. You can edit the technical and other admin data yourself and if you want point the domain to a certain domain server (like the one of the provider you are hosting the website). I like their freedom and the fact the send a renew notice in time.

April 19, 11h

Here’s another nod in Gandi’s direction. I’ve moved all of my domains there and am very, very happy!

Just like beto said (comment #13), Gandi really respects your domain ownership in full. RegisterFly had “stolen” a few domains that I had registered with them (setting the owner information to their own). I was pleasantly surprised when Gandi got in touch to let me know about this (the WHOIS information was all me, but the actual owner was RegisterFly), and they were very helpful in fixing the situation (back off RegisterFly, get your own domains!).

April 19, 11h

I’ve used (and continue to use) both PairNIC and GANDI, and never had problems with either.

Dave S. says:
April 19, 11h

Lots of votes for Gandi so far, has anyone had a *bad* experience with them? Just want to make sure I’m getting both sides before I jump in bed with someone else.

April 19, 11h

Namecheap. Intuitive, easy to use, relatively cheap, doesn’t try and sell you a ton of extra things.

Really great is the ability to share “permissions” on domains. We usually get clients to register (or we do it for them) and then “share” permissions for them – we can easily go in and update host records, etc., but the billing and so on goes direct to the client.

I still use EasyDNS for my Canadian domains…but $35 is just way too expensive.

Kenzie says:
April 19, 11h

I use and have for quite some time. No problems, low $CDN prices and auto-renewals.

April 19, 11h

I’ve been using and recommending for a good while now, cheap and reliable. Nice control panel too. Otherwise I would probably go with :)

Howie says:
April 19, 12h

Can’t remember how I found these guys, but 000domains have been great for .com domains. Good prices; easy to use interface. No problems.

David says:
April 19, 12h

I still use GoDaddy. I wasn’t aware of the story linked above until now, but when I read that I just saw a hosting issue. It doesn’t make me happy about the notices, but I read that sort of thing about hosting all the time.

I don’t use GoDaddy for anything other than a domain registrar. I have over a hundred with them, never had a problem. I hate the 1000 offers when I buy a domain, but you can skip most of it if you “find” the link to. Also, I had a rep call me because I do have a lot and they were good about discounting the domains for me if I renewed in bulk amounts rather than letting each one auto-renew (which is usually what I do, so no difference to me other than saving a few bucks). They weren’t pushy, so I appreciated it.

I also use enom for a few domains (they were transferred within enom, never moved them). I’ve never had a problem with them either, but haven’t had to do much other than let domains sit and renew.

I used to use BulkRegister, but got away from them. They recently got swallowed up by enom though, so I guess it’s irrelevant.

Trace says:
April 19, 12h

I use Dreamhost (dot com). In addition to affordable domain name registration they offer an option to auto-renew, and proxy contact information so your street address is kept private.

Scott says:
April 19, 12h

I use Namecheap for my .com domains and for my .ca domains.

Stephanie says:
April 19, 12h

I’ll second Especially for .ca domains.

The first time I signed up for a domain with them I messed something up but didn’t notice. I had an e-mail from a real person in my inbox in less than 5 minutes. I was impressed :)

They send lots of e-mail reminders and have an auto renew option. They also have a private WHOIS feature and I’ve never had any e-mail from them that wasn’t directly related to my current account.

Tom says:
April 19, 13h

I used Gandi for a couple years myself, and I’m not so enamoured of them. I found their tech support to be quiet slow, actually. When I had to switch domain ownership over to a client of mine, it took well over two months to sort it out because they were so slow in responding to everything, and *everything* is done by e-mail.

So heaven forbid you lose connectivity and need something done, or want to speak to a person.

They have an odd way of identifying you with handles, and one problem we had with switching the domain was that what their system told me were handles related to domains via their own communications were not jiving with their internal systems. They were super slow to resolve this.

I actually switched to GoDaddy before I heard some of the issues mentioned here, however I will say it has been *much* easier dealing with domains with them than with Gandi. Just my experience.

I will probably switch again and am watching this thread - but I do not recommend Gandi.

Good luck in your search!

blueshade says:
April 19, 13h

I’m using german registrar - Key Systems Gmbh (, and they also have quite a nice administration tool. As a small bonus point - they provide their own DNS servers - probably a lot of other registrars do that but not all… the price may not be the lowest though - 12euro / year.

rog says:
April 19, 14h

I’ve been using Dreamhost and any problems that I’ve had (which were my fault anyway) have been diagnosed within an hour everytime.

Mike Davidson has a hosting section on his site about Dreamhost that is worth a look. You can find it at:

Kevin says:
April 19, 14h

I use 1&1 for both web hosting and domain name registration. They give free domain registration (and auto renewal) with all their web hosting plans. It’s a great deal and I haven’t had any problems; I’ve switched all my clients to them and none of them have had problems either.

Ms. Jen says:
April 19, 14h

I use PairNic ( As Lou said there is a lot of high-level control given to the customer in DNS management. I find support speedy and accurate.

April 19, 15h

I use after registerfly went to stupidland.

I’ve been quite impressed.

Of course, you get what you pay for so any business related names I use netsol.

Jon says:
April 19, 16h

Changing a simple DNS record can be like trying to push custard up hill with some hyper-commercial registrars as I found out recently on behalf of a design client. As accredited ICANN and NOMINET registrars ourselves their lack of service was appalling.

I think the thing that most people treasure most isn’t great control panels or tools but feeling like you’re being looked after: Being able to call or email and converse with someone who remembers who you are; knowing they won’t let your domains expire but just re-register them and send you a reminder. It’s called personal service. We all give it to design clients, it’s nice to get it from registrars too. Good luck with the switch!

April 19, 16h

I’ve been with domainsatcost for a few years. Apart from making multi-year renewals awkward, I get notices on my .ca and .net sites starting around 60 days, increasing in urgency at 30 and 15 which is as far as I’ve let it go.

Morgan says:
April 19, 16h

I seem to recall that about a year ago you started using DreamHost as your web host. Why wouldn’t you also use them for your domain registrar? The only limitation to using DH is that they only do .com .net .org and .info. If you want to do a .us, .biz, (.ca?) or other type of registration then you have to have a secondary registrar. So far, I’ve been very happy with DH as a host and as a registrar, and I’ve been switching my registrations over as they have come due for renewal at my old registrar. It’s nice to manage all hosting and domains at the same place.

Ethan says:
April 19, 18h

I got caught in the RegisterFly debacle last month, and switched to PairNIC. They met my two criteria: they came highly recommended, and they weren’t GoDaddy. Definitely not cheap, as others have said, but I’m happy so far.

Jeff L says:
April 19, 18h

I’ve pretty much used Network Solutions since the days when they were the only game around, and I’ve never gone anywhere else. Other than the higher price, I’d never have any reason to.

April 19, 18h

I used to use GoDaddy but I’m migrating over to Dreamhost. They host my sites anyway, so it’s just easier.

I think that Parker is right - they monitor searches to their whois, so don’t use it!

There is NO WAY they randomly came up with some of the names they’ve registered that I’ve searched for. So they are most definitely poaching.

Joe Clark says:
April 19, 19h

EasyDNS. Accept no substitutes.

April 19, 22h

I recommend using different providers for DNS management and hosting. That way all your eggs aren’t in one basket, so to speak. I’ve been using for several years. They provide auto renews and reminder emails. For hosting I use Dreamhost and been quite happy with their service.

Tim says:
April 20, 00h

We use

No problems, access to everything via the interface, and pretty good tech support. As long as you phone the US and not the worldwide indian call centre.

Also have an auto-renewal tick box, so no expiry problems.

April 20, 01h

I’ve registered all my domains at Mediatemple and never had a problem. They manage and register domains at Tucows over openSRS which seems very reliable so far. Highly recommended.

April 20, 06h

I’ve been using for a while now with no problems at all. Prompt service, simple to use - I can;t really say much more. Registrars either seem to simply work perfectly or make your life a nightmare!

Scott N. says:
April 20, 07h

I’ve been using, and they’ve been very reliable. If you go with them, you’ll certainly never be surprised by an expired domain. You get a notice to renew about 90 days before expiration, and about every week thereafter (possibly even more than that) until you renew or let it lapse. It actually seems a bit like overkill, but I appreciate the peace of mind. There are probably settings to adjust the level of contact, but I’ve never played with them.

Jason says:
April 20, 07h

We recently switched our sites over from GoDaddy to Dreamhost. Dreamhost offered so much more in their basic plan than GoDaddy did that it was one of those, “we should have done this to begin with” moments.

I’ve had a lot of trouble transferring domains from GoDaddy to Dreamhost though, which I attribute to GoDaddy.

GoDaddy’s interface is a nightmare. Dreamhost recently gave theirs a beautiful redesign. It’s easy to use, gives you plenty of options, and appears to believe in the “don’t make me think” approach to web design. Very nice.

April 20, 07h

I’ve been using (and am quite happy with) Yahoo Small Business’ domain registration. They’re as cheap or cheaper than GoDaddy, the web backend is very intuitive, they don’t push me to buy more than I want, and Yahoo in general has a certain amount of eCred with me via their Javascript YUI libraries.

My experiences with GoDaddy have been entirely awful. The web backend is difficult to the point of insanity, the documentation sucks, they push hard for me to buy their extra ‘features’, and the whole site has the general air of sleezyness about it.

wheat says:
April 20, 08h

I’ve used Namesecure for a million years and have never had any problems with them.

April 20, 08h

And here I thought that I was the only one turned off by GoDaddy’s marketing.

I use GANDI sometimes too, and have generally had positive experiences. My two caveats:

- their mail, which is mostly in French, gets caught by spamassassin sometimes because it’s in a language that isn’t English.

- my credit card company often rejects the GANDI charge and locks the card for 24 hours until they call me, especially if I’ve used the card state-side that day. This has happened with both Citi and with Chase, and GANDI doesn’t take AMEX, my card of choice.

But otherwise, I’ve had a pretty good experience with them.

April 20, 10h

I recommend using a registrar whose primary business is NOT registrations.

Dreamhost seems happy to provide excellent and honest service on registrations, to retain my hosting business.

Meri says:
April 20, 13h

I’ve used for years. Even since they got bought up by Pipex, they’ve remained good. The interface is hardly very 2.0, but the service is good, cheap and they remind you plenty of times if you have domains about to expire.

April 20, 16h

123-reg have started getting awkward when it comes to new registrations, seems they now want you to store payment details before you’re able to register - otherwise you get flagged as some sort of fraud/risk, I forget the exact wording.

If you are happy with auto-renewal for domains you want to retain, then stored card details are less of an issue.

April 20, 16h

I’ve always been happy with htt://

April 21, 05h

I use godaddy. Probably will continue to use godaddy. Nobody or cooperation is perfect. I love it when people just flip out over a few incidents that they don’t agree with. Get over it folks.

Fahed says:
April 21, 06h

@ Michael Montgomery says, “I recommend using a registrar whose primary business is NOT registrations.”

I say, “Last time i did that, the hosting company who i registered it through stole the domain.”

@ Nick Husher says, “I’ve been using (and am quite happy with) Yahoo Small Business’ domain registration.”

I say, “I just registered a domain through them - that was the most enjoyable online purchase experience i’ve ever had - thanks for pointing it out.”

@ Jonas Flint says, “I use godaddy. Probably will continue to use godaddy.”

I say, “So did i until i tried out Yahoo’s service. Try it, you’ll be converted within seonds.”
April 21, 05h

April 21, 11h

We use enom (dot com) because:
- the price is right,
- the tools great,
- we can proxy for our clients, and still provide branded tools,
- we can even make subaccounts for clients,
- if a client does need to take their business elsewhere (we register domains only for their convenience), with enom, we can create an account with them and push their domains into that account in a few minutes,
- enom also makes domain acquisition easy working with buydomains (dot com) for example, again because they can push domains into your account and you can avoid dealing with a transfer and modifying the whois info (that google’s looking at - if you believe that sort of thing, like some SEOs do)

Jason says:
April 21, 11h

Dreamhost gets my business for all of my registering and hosting needs. At work we use 000domains, but I prefer Dreamhost by leaps and bounds for the abundance of features, not only with hosting, but with domain management as well.

Jake L says:
April 21, 12h

Gandi, Gandi, Gandi. I couldn’t be happier with their service.

pbear says:
April 21, 14h

I use Tiger Technologies ( Though I haven’t really had the need or popularity to push their hosting limits, their tech support has always been helpful, and they seem to have a geek-kind of interest in their business.

April 21, 18h

I’ve used GoDaddy forever - but ONLY for registering domains. You have to wade through a lot of garbage to get where you need to go, but it’s manageable.

I’ve noticed before, and they look pretty sharp, but I’ve never used them.

It’s interesting how some people are turned off by the godaddy advertising, etc, but then you go right over to dotster and see the “Dotster Dots”. I mean..what is that?! Do these companies realize they are merely registrars and web hosts? What a laugh!

Fahed says:
April 22, 01h

Honestly, i mentioned my experience a few posts up but i am going to repeat it again more clearly…

Anyone who is loyal to GoDaddy for the purchasing of domain names should try Yahoo.

Just try it once.

Sean Smith says:
April 22, 07h

I would go with NameCheap, you would suprise how many adult webmasters use them with their hundred+++ domains. + their auto renew/hide whois data services are excelent!

April 22, 20h

I still use GoDaddy for 30+ domains and, despite their flaky image and annoying ads, they’ve never given me any trouble.

That said, I use for the important ones. I trust them a bit more, and they host their own DNS, which allows me to fail over to a different server if one of my dedicated servers has trouble.

Aman says:
April 23, 07h

As blueshade already mentioned I can only recommend Keysystems/Domaindiscount24 ( I currently have more than 100 domains registered there without any problem. Also they provide a great user interface and their own nameservers.

April 23, 07h

Just to add a little localization. I use for all my .ca domains.

Ridiculous name, but decent price and service.

Anush says:
April 23, 09h

I suspect there’s a reason no one’s recommended 1and1 yet, but they’ve always worked for me. 1and1 is pretty much the Wal-Mart of webhosting. That said, I find them easy to use and dependable, and they warn me before anything goes horribly wrong.

Wayne says:
April 23, 13h

No complaints with Dreamhost, for me. I’ve used some other cheap companies and was not happy with their service.

JClawson says:
April 23, 13h is the best I have found. Pretty cheap domains (not the cheapest) but the UI cannot be beat. Their control panel is the easiest to use and has no comparison.

The paypal integration is excellent. You can transfer money from your paypal account (or credit card) into your namecheap account which you then can use to purchase domains. This really helps when you need to purchase or renew a lot. You can do it all instantly without having to go through the payment process.

Zak says:
April 23, 15h

I had no idea GoDaddy was that bad. A year or two ago they had domains for $.99 or something like that (now I think they’ve had it at $2 for a while, but at the time it was new) for a limited time and I missed it, so I went to Yahoo which had a competing $2/domain deal and I’ve had no problems with them. Good thing that happened, I’d feel like a tool if I were registered with GoDaddy after seeing both that article and that disgusting “blog.” I CAN’T STAND the word “edgy” and those (always corporate) that use it. Ick!

April 23, 19h

Nice to hear that the domain is still in good hands. I do however have a few inquiries:

Is still accepting designs? If so, when will they be processed? indicates that the designs that were submitted in the past 17 months still needs to be reviewed.

For those that took the time to contribute to this project by submitting a design during that time (like myself) would have appreciated some sort of a response.

Do you need a hand from the community to help you with this process?

nik says:
April 23, 20h

Another vote here for They give you full ownership over the domain, unlike most other registrars who treat the domain like a phone number you’re renting.

I have about ten domains through them, have for years, never had a problem.

Plus the interface is duplicated in French and English, so you feel all cosmopolitan when you’re maintaining your domains.

April 23, 23h

One more for Gandi. Simple, clean and also available in french wich count as an extra bonus for me.

cpk says:
April 27, 10h

One of the criteria I use when selecting a vendor for things like hosting, SSL certs and domain name registrars is: can I get a live person on the phone easily? If I can get them on the phone, were they helpful and have technical expertise for the services that they offer. With that said, I would highly recommend Dotster.

Gill says:
April 28, 13h

I’ve been using for 5 years and have dozens of domains with them, both mine and those of my clients. In all that time there’s been one problem and they jumped on it within an hour of me contacting them.

They are also more than willing to help out when something goes awry at the hosting end.

April 29, 19h

I use Gandi to manage DNS for a few dozen domains for an internet law research center. We’ve been happy with Gandi for several years, specifically because of their clear policies on domain ownership and strict information verification policies. They’ve also recently beefed up their DNS services and other offerings. The downside is they’re a bit more expensive and all support is through email (as previously mentioned), but we generally get responses within a few days and they’ve been fairly helpful in resolving some WHOIS problems caused by Network Solutions. There is also the possible concern that, because of their French incorporation, it would be difficult to bring a legal case in America should the need arise. This isn’t an issue that has really concerned us, but it is a factor to weigh in your decision.

none says:
May 01, 12h

Commandline WHOIS isnt safe either, i used such a thing on a really wierd domain name once and it was gone 2days later.

Someone is watching the requests out on the internet that dont get resolved.

May 02, 17h

I’m surprised that no one has mentioned yet. The provide very advanced DNS (Dynamic DNS, MX, NS, A, CNAME, AAA, round-robin, etc.) for free (even to people who don’t buy domains from them), and their domain purchasing system is simple, fast and easy. I have been using them for several domains, something like 5 years, and I could not be more happy.

Their customer service department is helpful and fast too.

May 05, 14h

I just started for a .com address. I like it because it has dynamic IP updating which is nice when you’re hosting your own site.

Norm says:
May 07, 21h

Bad experiences with godaddy. I’ve unlocked domains so a client can transfer a domain and somehow the domain gets locked preventing transfer. godaddy claims they don’t do this but it happened more than once.

May 14, 04h

Networks Solutions SRS plus is a great service. The tool has a lot of features built in. Just my 2 cents.

Lanny Heidbreder says:
May 15, 12h

Little late to the party, probably too late to help you out at all, but for posterity:

Melbourne IT for me. Great control panel, no tricks up their sleeves. I let a domain go expired for a few days not too long ago and they were still holding it for me.

Not the cheapest, but absolutely zero downside that I can see.

Lucky13 says:
May 21, 12h

I am still using GoDaddy, despite increasing reservations about their ethics and integrity. Why I went them: cost, relatively easy to use batch domain management, one stop shopping for all domains, SSL and privacy products, and the fact that you can get on the phone with sales or support.

I had been with Network Solutions for almost ten years prior to switching to GD two years ago, and while they offered the same ‘package’ the costs were consistently too much higher for my business and for me as an individual.

I guess one can say you get what you pay for, but is it too much to ask for an ethical provider with TLDs at $9.95-$14.95 with phone and email support, intuitive control panel, reasonable SSL and privacy products?

c. s. says:
May 24, 14h

We’ve been using for 6 years. The only thing we don’t like is that it’s a pain to update the DNS on multiple websites (each one has to be done seperately).

They’re good about reminders and the site is pretty easy to use. We once made the mistake of registering a .com instead of a .org, and they quickly reversed the charges for us.

Mike says:
May 25, 06h

I’ve used Dotster for over 6 years without a hitch.

May 27, 15h

I have been using GoDaddy for several years (mainly because of their prices, to be honest), and have never had any (technical) problems with them.

However, I’ve read quite a few negative articles about them recently, so I’m going to take a closer look at some of the alternatives that have been mentioned in earlier comments! (I remember hearing good things about Gandi and Dotster, amongst others.)

David Guy says:
June 06, 11h

Enom rocks. Never had a problem with them and great customer service. Switched from GoDaddy a few years ago.

Hendrik Jan Veenstra says:
June 18, 01h for domain registration – been using them for something like 7 years now: cheap, perfect service, renewal reminders. For hosting I use, another great company with very good service.

Landfill says:
January 07, 18h

I recently (thought I had) lost 2 domain names to Network solutions because I procrastinated a few hours before commiting to purchase the names. I use(d) Network Solutions for WhoIs lookups because they have been around a long time and seemed to be a reputable company. I used to have a few domains with them but left because of price. I would typically do the WhoIs lookup there, and then buy the domain through my hosting provider. It seems that they monitor WhoIs or availability lookups performed on thier site, and, if they like the name, will scoop it. They are perfectly willing to sell it back to you at thier rate of $35 so you can’t purchase it through another provider. At the time I didn’t know about the 5 day thing that all these scumbags use so I ended up having to pay thier asking price for one of the names (the other had been released already). I, personally, will transfer my names away from Network Solutions and will never visit thier site again. And If I can convince 10 more people to follow me, thier cute little game will run them at a loss. A small but satisfying victory.