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April 01, 2007

I’ve made some minor updates to this site you might be interested in knowing about.

  1. Gravatars

    Gravatars appear to be back up again and coping, so I’ve switched over to using them instead of the kludgy manual solution I developed a few months back. Given the service’s track record I haven’t exactly raced to scrap the previous method just yet, but we’ll see how this holds up over the next little while.

  2. Logo Reworking

    Since my redesign last year I’ve felt like the logo was missing something, an extra touch that would throw it over the top. I could never put my finger on it, until I came up with the little beauty you see now gracing the header. I know it was Picasso who said great artists steal, but I can’t help but think this is a wholly unique idea.

  3. The Dailies

    Long time readers will remember a few years back I ran a links sidebar I called The Dailies. Due to the manual nature of updating it at the time, and the increasingly inaccurate name as my publishing schedule dwindled, I eventually killed it.

    Now thanks to the power of I’m giving it another shot. Think of the legacy name as being a stab at continuity rather than accuracy, and we’ll be just fine.

Two of these things are true. One is not. I’m sure you’ll figure out which is which. (Update: if you said #2, give yourself a hand. See this Flickr group for context.)

devnull says:
April 01, 11h

I chuckled at the logo, very funny.
*waits for a DMCA*

Jonas says:
April 01, 11h

Um… New logo is too similar to the SimpleBits logo…

April 01, 11h

I love the new logo. With this, and the news that WebKit is being discontinued in favor of Trident, April 1 is rocking!

April 01, 12h

nice logo. lol

Robin says:
April 01, 12h

@Jonas: That would be the point.

I’m glad to see the Dailies back, personally.

April 01, 12h

Seems you were the first one to receive “a very special logo with hand-crafted pixels & text” by Jina Bolton. ;-)

April 01, 12h

seems we all had the same idea, what a coinkidink!
I think yours is better, though…

April 01, 13h

If you are having trouble with Gravatar you might want to look at this script that Steve Tucker posted today to cache Gravatars on your own site.

Andrew Rickmann says:
April 01, 13h

Looks like the URL Changed:

Jake L says:
April 01, 13h

Whoa. Flashback to the whole LogoMaid thing. Weird.

April 01, 13h

Nice logo, looks familiar though…

April 01, 13h

I have to come in and mention- best April Fool’s joke I’ve seen today. My compliments.

Bramus! says:
April 01, 14h

Gravatar 2.0 is using Amazons S3 service and writes 10 commonsize gravatars for each user to it, so it will remain up and running without any doubt. More info in the post on the blog explaining this over at

April 01, 18h

Awesome! You guys are doing a disservice. Poor ol’ Dan Cederholm is going to die from laughter. Keep up the good work :D.

Ian Smith says:
April 01, 20h

{legal action}

No wait, sorry. [legal action]… er no, that’s not right :)

Mikko Tapionlinna says:
April 02, 02h

I wish that gravatar service would stay online, it seems quite neat.

Oh, and thanks for talking about it, a while ago I got interested of it because you mentioned it. Sadly back then it was down. Now that you’ve reminded me, I went and got myself an account there. :)


Oh, btw, I did not see my gravatar in the preview mode. I hope it will work when I post this comment.

April 03, 11h

I’m excited about the return of The Dailies!

Austin Schneider says:
April 04, 08h


Jackson says:
April 05, 17h

Glad to see you’re still devoted to mezzoblue even with so many other projects. I know I often get so distracted with client work I run out of steam to work on my personal and portfolio sites.

Robert says:
April 14, 17h

The gravatars pose a new challenge for designers (including me) to present oneself again and once more… So I’ll have the blog, the link to it in comments on other blogs, a gravatar…
Waiting for the next challenge.

c. s. says:
May 24, 14h

I’m a bit slow to the conversation, but the cacher linked by Andrew Rickmann doesn’t seem to be available anymore (download link goes to 404). This is one of the oldest cachers (it just hasn’t been publicised) and has been updated for the 2.0 version:

May 25, 12h

The design and looking of your website is wonderful, I hope you will not be angry with me if I will copy some of your “colours” in my blog. I will have a look also at your book, I found it in a library here in Italy. Ciao

May 28, 04h

Apologies for the somewhat belated reaction to an April Fools prank, but your reference to the SimpleFools pool on Flickr made me wonder just how all of these people got to “conspire” on this one… Anyway, I thought it was quite funny –especially some of the comments on Jina Bolton’s site! :-)