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Hello Chalkwork

March 26

I was a bit oblique last time I wrote about icon design; I said I've been thinking about the subject lately, but I didn't say why.

Chalkwork Graphic

After watching the happenings over at IconBuffet, StockIcons, and the new IconShoppe, it struck me last year that stock icon design might be something interesting to try out myself. I've worked on icon design projects in the past, so I knew I could do it, it was just a matter of finding the time.

Well, that finally happened. I'm happy to announce my introductory set, Chalkwork Basic, which you can buy starting today.

Chalkwork is ultimately a much larger set of icons unified by common style and colour; Basic is simply the first pack of what I hope to be many more. There are around 250 in the family so far, but at one point I finally decided to focus on a smaller subset and just get them out there to make sure there's a demand before I produce the rest.

I'd like to see the family grow to a thousand plus in total, but that all depends on what happens next. So if you or your favourite site/application developers are looking for a consistenly designed, high quality set of icons, make sure to spread the word!

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Colour Matching

March 5

I've never satisfactorily solved the colour matching problem while working on the print jobs I do every few months or so. A few years back I wrote up some colour tips I've learned, but it doesn't exactly mean I've gotten any better at it in the mean time.

Pantone Swatches

Browsing through the local specialty art book store the other day, I came across the Process Color Manual, a colour guide for CMYK that nicely fills a gap in my collection. It's basically a formula guide of printed swatches and their specific CMYK values. It doesn't cover every combination in existence, but at 24,000 possible values, it's good enough for my needs.

Sure I could have gone the Pantone route as well and paid a bunch more, but, compare: 24,000 colour selections on one type of paper, vs. 1,114 colour selections on three types of paper. Given my modest print needs, I'll save the extra money for some other rainy day.

So after discovering this book, I'm curious now — does anyone know if there's a (legal) equivalent for spot colour? I'm guessing Pantone's system is all sorts of proprietary and anyone trying to release their own book of the same would be sued out of existence, but, maybe not.

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