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Weblog Entry

WDN Scholarships

January 11, 2007

I’d like to draw your attention over toward the Web Directions site, where we’ve (finally) announced our scholarship program.

If you’re a full time student in a field related to the web industry and not currently employed with a related company, have we got a deal for you. For $195, you can attend two days of the Web Directions North conference if you act quickly. We’ve only been able to open this offer up to 30 individuals, and they won’t last long. (Please ensure to read the full details before registering, however.)

Why are we doing this? The four of us organizing Web Directions have been speakers and attendees at many conferences ourselves, so we’re well aware of what a positive impact that going to one can have on your career. The inspiration, the ideas, the general vibe can all go a long way to refreshing your own work. But the price for a top notch conference is usually well out of range of students, who could benefit most from it. We believe today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, and so we feel it’s important to provide opportunities where they can be exposed to today’s brightest thinkers.

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while but weren’t quite sure we’d be able to, then finally decided in the end to make it happen however we could. We were hoping for sponsorship to help cover our costs, but the timing and logistics didn’t make that possible. So we’re going ahead anyway and doing it on our own. (If your company is interested in sponsoring this program however, we sure would love to hear from you.)

I’ll let the official announcement explain the fine details, but suffice it to say, we think this is going to be a huge boost to the careers of 30 lucky students. It may just be a first for our industry, but we sure hope it’s not a last.

Web Directions North