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Weblog Entry


December 21, 2006

A few of you have been curious about how all the new stuff works on this site. I’ll likely write up some of the trickier bits in the new year (though given WDN planning, I’m not going to promise when in the new year).

In the meantime, Drew McLellan approached me near the end of November to write a little something for his web advent calendar, 24 Ways To Impress Your Friends. I thought by the time I got around to doing that, I’d have had this redesign launched, so it would be a perfect avenue to put out some details on what I’d done. Except Rachel Andrew kicked off the month with Faster Development with CSS Constants, which covered most of the ground I expected to. D’oh.

So instead I came at it from a different angle, and wrote up some of how I’m actually going about using photos to create fresh new palettes. Photographic Palettes is now up for your reading pleasure. Go forth, be merry, and impress your friends.