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December 08, 2006

All the stuff I said about Xylescope a while ago? Throw in Javascript debugging and live server editing, and you get a sense of what Firebug can do.

In the past two days since installing it, it’s helped me track down a half-dozen CSS headaches and some DOM issues that were driving me crazy. It’s getting a lot of buzz, but that appears entirely justified; Firebug may just be the web developer tool of the year.

Check out the screencast for a better-than-text explanation of how you might use it. Great stuff, and definitely the prodding I needed to switch back to Firefox for development.

rob says:
December 08, 16h

As far as I’m concerned the buzz is 100% justified.

Firebug really makes me question, “how did I ever get by without this?”

One of the things that I like about it (outside of how it helps me get work done) is that it allows me to more easily watch how an app like Gmail operates under the hood.

Andrew says:
December 08, 16h

Absolutely agree. And if you’re using Firebug, you should consider donating a few bucks as thanks. Apparently the developer considered charging for this version and decided to keep it free.

The Web Developer extension’s still useful for a few things, but Firebug is just incredibly cool.

Tuna says:
December 08, 18h

Yes, its a useful too, yes its have please me nail some insanely hard to find CSS and DOM bugs.

However be warned turn off all the error reporting for general surfing as it will slow down FF by a massive 2-3000%. The more errors on the wild published page the slower it will be to load> The greater the use of bad ajax on the page the slower the load. I disable this extension the problem goes away. I disable error reporting the problem goes away.

December 09, 01h

To put it simply, now that I’ve used FireBug, I can’t even imagine coding websites without it.

Felix says:
December 09, 14h

I’ve just re-installed Firebug, and seems to be way better than the last time I’ve tried it; thanks for re-introducing me to it!

I was just wondering – as I couldn’t find it in the documentation or the preferences anywhere – how can you enable the live server editing that you’ve mentioned?

December 10, 04h

It sure helps when formatting a Wordpress blog, and saves a lot of viewing source, but javascript debugging is a little buggy itself from time to time.

December 10, 04h

Scratch that, latest update fixed tons of Interface Issues w/ the debugger.

Mau says:
December 10, 17h

I just started using it (again) and it has improved indeed.

Awesome webdev tool!

December 11, 09h

I’ve been using it for months and I’ve gotten the rest of the developers here at work to start using it too. Being able to view XMLHTTPRequests is great.

I was wondering, if you just switched back to Firefox for development, what were you using before?

Dave S. says:
December 11, 11h

“I was wondering, if you just switched back to Firefox for development, what were you using before?”

Camino. Most of what I do renders identically between the two browsers, it was just easier to test in the browser I personally use.

Now I get to have two open all day.

Leo Klein says:
December 11, 12h

Where this will really come in handy at least for me is working on templates produced by other people. Up to now, it’s pretty much working in the dark – and horrible complicated as well.

D says:
December 11, 17h

I would love to see Firebug get recognized. It has made JavaScript programming fun, and understandable.

Let us know if there is a “web developer tool of the year.” I’ll be happy to throw in my vote.

In the mean time you firebug lovers could vote for it here:

Gustaf says:
December 12, 08h

I’ve seen the firebug icon on numerous sites, yet never tried it. I downloaded it after reading your post and I can’t stop thinking about how much time I’ve wasted not having this tool installed. I do find myself overwriting css rules quite often and this tool would’ve cut the time troubleshooting down to almost nil.

Stephanie says:
December 15, 12h

I finally made Firefox my full-time browser, but I had to do a lot of tweaking to make it look more like Camino. I adore Camino; I just got tired of switching to FF to use the extensions.

I wrote up my tweaks for anyone else who’s in the same boat:

Firefox is a little slower, and selecting text seems a little awkward. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with it.

Dave, I’m loving your new sampled-photo color scheme so far.

March 07, 17h

Firebug is one excellent and useful tool. Since I started using it with my Firefox it really made code debugging easier. I agree it should really be web developer tool of the year.

April 02, 13h

What a tool ! Although in my opinion IE7 is by far faster, tools like firebug make Firefox first choice for me. Thx for the post.

May 01, 17h

I’ve been searching the web for tutorials on advanced CSS for a while now, and I stumbled across Firebug. I must say that this plugin is amazing. There’s no better way to learn the CSS you want than to actually dissect the code, see what’s wrong and what’s right/how it works. If anyone is considering downloading this, do it. It will save you valuable time, and teach you more CSS through trail and error.