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Web Directions North

September 25

Sorry to keep you all waiting throughout the weekend, we've been chomping at the bit to announce this for the better part of a month now. All these fiddly little last-minute details, and we're still not quite ready to take registrations just yet. (Very, very close, but not quite 100% yet).

Anyway, here it is. Web Directions, the very conference that starts today in Sydney Australia, is coming to Canada early next year. I'm very pleased to be a part of bringing this great event to my home city, Vancouver. We've got a great speaker lineup, and two days of post-conference skiing/snowboarding planned at Whistler, one of the future 2010 Winter Olympics venues. It promises to be a fantastic time for everyone coming.

Mark your calendars, and make sure to get your name on the mailing list; the first 100 people to confirm their registrations get a special discount. Add it to your Upcoming list while you're at it.

(And a special thanks to folks on Flickr who release their photos with a CC license, particularly Andre Charland, JMV, D'Arcy Norman, sporkist, and Roland Tanglao.)

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