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Weblog Entry


April 24, 2006

In case you’ve been asleep over the past year, the Carson Systems crew have certainly been active in the online space you and I inhabit. First came the Workshops, then came DropSend, then came the Summit, and now along comes Vitamin.

Launched last week, Vitamin is a brand new resource for web designers and developers, and judging by the quality of material they’ve published already, it’s going to be a new favourite. I’m proud to play a part as a member of the Vitamin Advisory Board.

If you’re one of those wondering when in the world I’m ever going to publish anything CSS-related again, wonder no more! There’s a new article up this morning called “Stop CSS Hacking, or be Stopped” (that’s what happens when you forget to title your article) and it’s a mind dump of a lot of thoughts and conversations I’ve had on the issue lately, especially in light of IE7. Special bonus: audio of a half hour chat between Ryan Carson and I in London earlier this year. If you caught the Adobe interview earlier this month, it’s more of the same, but much longer.

Oh, and we’ve only got a few seats left for the Chicago workshop in a few weeks. If you’re planning on coming, I’d recommend booking your spot in a hurry, they won’t last.