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Now In Stereo

April 06, 2006

During the recent SXSW conference in Austin, I had a chance to sit down with Scott Fegette of Adobe and answer a few questions. The resulting interview is now up at Odeo, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything too terribly controversial… but you tell me.

Also from SXSW: coverage of our ‘CSS Problem Solving’ panel. (scroll down)

And if this is your sort of thing, there’s an online seminar coming up next week that I’ll be involved with. I suspect the format will preclude any in-depth Q&A; it’ll more likely see me covering some basic CSS-based layout ground that many of you are probably familiar with already, and then segue into implementing that with Dreamweaver.

April 06, 18h

Thanks for letting me mike you up, Dave! I’m pretty sure you avoided controversy- but I may not be the best judge of that either. ;-)

(and thanks for the link to your panel session vid, I’d wanted to track that back and relisten- that was one of the best panels I hit this year.)

juque says:
April 06, 21h

Dave, a little critic: You speak too fast!, I don’t speak English very well, but it’s imposibble for me follow you :(.

Stephanie says:
April 07, 06h

Should be a great seminar to watch was so steamed I was not able to make this years event. I love the Odeo channells they work well with my new ipod. Just got my copy of Studio 8 today and have been playing with it since I got it outta the box, seems alot easier to keep up with the CSS then MX 2004, you sound great on the mic and unlike juque I am able to follow everything you talk about pretty well. Anyways look forward to maybe meeting you at the next event and listening to more thoughts down the road.