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Joe Clark in Icelandic | April 28

Joe delivered his intro, or in Joe parlance, his "benediction", in Icelandic.

I kid you not. He got the loudest cheer from the audience this conference.

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April 24

In case you've been asleep over the past year, the Carson Systems crew have certainly been active in the online space you and I inhabit. First came the Workshops, then came DropSend, then came the Summit, and now along comes Vitamin.

Launched last week, Vitamin is a brand new resource for web designers and developers, and judging by the quality of material they've published already, it's going to be a new favourite. I'm proud to play a part as a member of the Vitamin Advisory Board.

If you're one of those wondering when in the world I'm ever going to publish anything CSS-related again, wonder no more! There's a new article up this morning called "Stop CSS Hacking, or be Stopped" (that's what happens when you forget to title your article) and it's a mind dump of a lot of thoughts and conversations I've had on the issue lately, especially in light of IE7. Special bonus: audio of a half hour chat between Ryan Carson and I in London earlier this year. If you caught the Adobe interview earlier this month, it's more of the same, but much longer.

Oh, and we've only got a few seats left for the Chicago workshop in a few weeks. If you're planning on coming, I'd recommend booking your spot in a hurry, they won't last.

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April 10

I've always said web geeks and coffee go together like Canada and beer. And at long last, I've gotten around to doing something I've been threatening for ages to those of you who know me: documenting my coffee roasting process. With photos!


I've been at it for years now, and can tell you quite a bit about what to expect. What you won't experience are the smells and sounds, and that's half the fun. Until there's Smell-o-Vision for the internet, Flickr will have to be our surrogate.

(A bit of a departure from what usually goes up around here, I know. But staying on-topic is so 2004.)

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Now In Stereo

April 6

During the recent SXSW conference in Austin, I had a chance to sit down with Scott Fegette of Adobe and answer a few questions. The resulting interview is now up at Odeo, and I'm pretty sure I didn't say anything too terribly controversial... but you tell me.

Also from SXSW: coverage of our 'CSS Problem Solving' panel. (scroll down)

And if this is your sort of thing, there's an online seminar coming up next week that I'll be involved with. I suspect the format will preclude any in-depth Q&A; it'll more likely see me covering some basic CSS-based layout ground that many of you are probably familiar with already, and then segue into implementing that with Dreamweaver.

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