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Weblog Entry


March 02, 2006

A few random tidbits from around the web this week:

Feeling Random?
Take pictures of people at SXSW. Lots of them. Upload them to Flickr. Wait. If the random person of the day happens to be in your photo, both you and they win an iPod nano. That’s it? That’s it. Brought to you by those fine folks at WestCiv.
Veerle’s blog now 2.0
Holy moly, that’s a hell of a redesign. Hats off!
Layout Gala
One common markup format, 40 different CSS layouts. Creating a new CSS-based site? Start here. Every time.
Windows Live Local Virtual Earth Technology Preview Enoughsyllablesalready? Edition
Not sure if I’ve said it on here before, but I really loved Microsoft’s response to Google Maps. Now this new one, despite being buggy and obviously not a final product of any sort, is just totally mind-blowing.
The IE7 MIX 06 Release

Okay, this is a bit of a shocker. Look at the IE7b2TechPreview screenshots (the IE7 beta that came out last month, that is) vs. the upcoming IE7 beta release later this month. What the…? I mean, bloody fantastic, but how in the world did they go from the middle to the bottom in only a month?

Though Microsoft has obviously gotten a bit better at communicating with the developer community, I’m still waiting for any sort of public roadmap about what we can actually expect of the final release. Which, if the random sources on Google can predict properly, appears to be some time this summer. At least things are looking up.

I’ll be plunging head-first into Microsoft land later this month, and plan to live-blog as much as I can from the conference. I’ll tell you what I find out.

Designing Against a Degrading Experience

I didn’t expect to be so Microsoft-heavy today. But anyway. Checking in with Jensen Harris’ Office UI blog once again, he’s posted a fascinating article about the longer-term cruft buildup Office users frequently struggle with, and how they’ve chosen to expressly design against that experience in the upcoming version.

This isn’t something web sites have to deal with yet, but when feature creep and user customization start becoming issues, this will be one to refer back to.

The greatest T-shirt ever for a web designer of the male persuasion.

March 02, 16h

I dunno: the eBay and Amazon interfaces seem to have a hell of a lot of cruft that one suspects are only still there due to inertia, and some vocal, long-time users who would get confused and complain if anything changed.

Matt J. says:
March 02, 18h

Hey Dave,

Nice tidbit here. Noticed that the “Windows Live Local Virtual Earth Technology Preview Enoughsyllablesalready? Edition” link was going to “Layout Gala”.

Just a heads up.

Dave S. says:
March 02, 18h

Whoops. Fixed, and threw in a bonus link while I was at it. Thanks.

Oliver Z. says:
March 02, 19h

That T-shirt is awesome!

March 02, 19h

I’m surprised that Windows Live Local Virtual Earth Technology Preview shows the Apple store in San Francisco. The original imagery on MSN Virtual Earth didn’t show Apple Headquarters (One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California)

March 02, 19h

@LayoutGala: It’s terrific to have that kind of resource for pointing people to.

Nevertheless, something in me is disappointed that there aren’t more of them using negative margins to pull columns around… Not that the technique should be used for its own sake, but using a neg to overlap a big padding really creates an *extremely* robust column mechanism.

And plus, you get all kinds of cool full-height column stuff for free and without using any images…

Eric says:
March 02, 23h

That’s a sweet shirt. The world needs more geeky html/css shirts.

March 03, 14h

People use Office? :)

Nah, I’m sure they will. I was just saying that some web sites maybe have to deal with this now: or possibly should.

I’ll be delighted when Office is less bloated and more customisable. Ditto Amazon and eBay.

Anonymous Coward says:
March 03, 23h

Do I know HTML? Do *I* know HTML?

Rich Schmidt says:
March 06, 15h

Apparently, the Gemination design at CSSZenGarden provideds an alternative stylesheet/layout for IE (or something like that). The newest “mix” is apparently good enough to show the real thing.

Follow that link in IE6, and you’ll see what I mean…

March 08, 17h

I agree Eric I think the world needs more geek shirts and maybe one day a whole clothing line. Any ideas on a cool womens shirt?

Annie V. says:
March 08, 20h

I know H.ow T.o M.eet L.addies.

March 10, 13h

Hah! That’s my T-shirt you’re talking about! I had no idea it would get so many people looking at it on flickr. Thanks Dave. Glad you like it. :)

March 17, 10h

I confess, Jeremy’s HTML shirt worked. I’m a lady and I approached him 100% because of his nerdy shirt.

Naweb says:
March 25, 03h

That’s a sweet shirt. The world needs more geeky html/css shirts.