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El Camino Real

February 16, 2006




The reason you’re hearing a lot about Camino all of a sudden is because it really is quite good. I’ve been using it off and on for a few months now, and have just recently taken to leaving Safari unloaded all the time.

Sure, I miss a bunch of stuff from Safari. Hitting Cmd + a number for keyboard access to various items in my bookmark bar was a really nice feature. I was just getting used to viewing PDFs in-browser.

And most importantly, anyone have a Sogudi equivalent for Camino? Weaning myself off of that one is going to be the most difficult . Typing “wiki whatever” for an instant Wikipedia search, or “g whatever” for Google, and being able to custom define these shortcuts, means quick keyboard access to search results without mucking about with multiple page loads. It’s bliss.

Update: Turns out Sogudi-like functionality is built in to Camino. Bliss!

But I don’t miss other stuff. Safari’s method of physically auto-completing a URL always annoyed me, as more often than not I had to then edit out a longer path or query string. And what is up with the beachball lately? Echoing Tim Bray, I’ve experience more than my fair share of slowdowns lately over pages that shouldn’t be slow. The snappiness of Camino is more than enough to make me overlook the rest. I’ve finally got my Powerbook back.

For now, I’m sold. We’ll see what a few months of kicking the tires does.

Jeff Hume says:
February 16, 22h

Try this plugin for in-browser PDF viewing in Camino.

February 16, 22h

It’s funny to think about what Camino once was, remember Navigator 0.1 - it rocked back in the day!

Hopefully they fix the bold font rendering bug soon, it’s such a killer!

Tim Bray says:
February 16, 22h

Hah, I applied the hack to *stop* Safari rendering PDF in-place, I liked Preview better.

February 16, 22h

The ability to define wiki %s to look up that wikipedia article is one of the things I like most about Firefox, and I imagine Camino might have this by now as well since they’re based on the same code. Just right-click in a form field that does the search you’re interested in and choose “Add a keyword for this search…”

If Camino doesn’t have this, that’s another reason I’ll stay with Firefox for now - in addition to not supporting the vital XUL-based web dev extensions such as Web Developer or FireBug.

Brutal says:
February 16, 23h

Allen: Camino supports keyword shortcuts, but it doesn’t have a contextual menu for it. It still works though, you just have to do it manually. No biggie really, since this is something you do ONCE.

February 16, 23h

You might like some tools that extend Camino in an unobtrusive way: CamiTools, provided by a German gentleman:

You can – for instance – add Wikipedia as a search engine.

Tom says:
February 16, 23h

I also got used to a great feature of Safari - the built in RSS reader.

Sure, NetNewsWire is a better program and makes viewing bunches of feeds easier. However, while at work I keep the feeds I read to a minimum, and Safari worked just fine for that.

Cameron says:
February 17, 01h

Camino is Ok. I don’t like the way the tabs are done though. Camino also weighs in at 40mb on disk.

David says:
February 17, 01h

Just open Show All Bookmarks, add a new Bookmark, for instance:
and assign a keyword. Like “wp”. Then, type
wp Camino
in the location bar, et voila!

February 17, 02h

If you want to know about how to set up g for google read this page: it explains about the special url modifiers. I have a list of the ones i have set up here:

Christian Bogen says:
February 17, 02h

Two things keep me from going all Camino right now:

1. It has problems with the Flip4Mac WMV player/plugin.

2. I also like Speed Download but SD and Camino don’t seem to like each other.

Well, maybe some day … :-)

Blake says:
February 17, 02h

The feature of Safari that I cannot do without is the syncing of my bookmarks on my home and work computers; otherwise I would consider making the switch to Camino.

February 17, 03h

Blake: You could sync your bookmarks by making a Quickpik for .Mac backup. Of course its not as nice as doing it with iSync but still very easy.

Angus McIntyre says:
February 17, 04h

If you’re seeing the Whirling Beachball of Doom a lot in Safari, try doing a ‘Reset Safari’ or - less drastically - going to Preferences->Autofill, clicking Other Forms:Edit and then Remove All. This may make a difference: it seems that accumulating large quantities of autofill texts can cause Safari (at least Safari 1.3) to show the beachball more frequently when rendering pages that contain forms.

Paul D says:
February 17, 04h

That wouldn’t be much of a solution for me, Angus. :) Safari’s incredible autofill ability is the killer feature that keeps me using it instead of Camino. I love how those long name and address forms just get filled like magic.

ramanan says:
February 17, 06h

You can use a plugin called CaminoTools to add synching of bookmarks to Camino. You need an FTP site somewhere to store them though.

The one thing missing from Camino that I need more than anything is an inline spell checker. If someone knows how to add an inline spell checker to Camino, I will love them forever.

Dave S. says:
February 17, 08h

So Camino already has Sogudi-like functionality built-in. Nice. David, thanks for being the first person to tell me how to actually DO it!

cboone says:
February 17, 10h

Hmmm. I’d love to use that Wikipedia shortcut, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

I went to about:bookmarks, made a new bookmark, set its location to and assigned it a keyword of “wp”. Then tried testing it out by typing “wp Camino” (cause I’m a literal-minded sucker), but no luck. That takes me to without fail.

Any clues?

Andrew says:
February 17, 10h

I don’t think I could wean myself from David Watanabe’s fantastic Inquisitor plugin for Safari, which is sort of like Firefox’s search field, but with much more natural-feeling access to other search engines. Inquisitor has totally changed how I use the browser, I couldn’t possibly give it up!

Mike says:
February 17, 10h

My largest peeve with Camino is that it can only remember one login and password per site. Which makes me switch to safari for the sites that I have multiple logins for. But Camino is my browser 70% of the time.

Anthony says:
February 17, 11h

I’m not sure how widespread this was known but have you tried changing the permissions on the directory where Safari stores favicons so it cannot write to it? Apparently over time is gets pretty large and Safari performance takes a hit, giving you the beach ball. I’ve had the permissions fix implemented for a while so I’m not sure if newer versions of Safari still have that problem.

February 17, 12h

Live Bookmarks is what kills Camino for me. I switched from Safari to FF because of the web devloper extension, then fell in love with and the use of live bookmarks. I could do without the web developer extension if Camino did live bookmarks.

February 17, 15h

All I need now is those developer tools on Camino and I won’t look back. Please, someone! Developer tools or inspector!

Matt says:
February 17, 16h

The QuickTime Plugin is what’s causing the beachball of doom in Safari for me. It seems to lock up when it first begins loading a video, and only responds again after it’s loaded the first frame or so. Pretty annoying.

ecco says:
February 18, 01h

instead of the search word you’ll have to enter %s (percent s) in the url:

February 18, 05h

I’m loving camino as well! I’m with Brad: give me my Webdev toolbar and DOM inspector and I will be completely, blissfully happy.

That damn spinning rainbow wheel of death - I’m getting it in Safari now every time I even try to click in a form field.

It’s so nice to have a real alternative. Firefox just moves too slowly on Mac for my tastes.

I do like iCab a lot too. Very quick little browser. Camino is my happiness right now, so much so that I’ve made it my default.

Bye bye spinning beachball of doom.

Ray Muirhead says:
February 21, 03h

Some buttons (Javascript, I think) don’t quite show up correctly. See the difference between Firefox and Camino on They look beautiful, but the Mac-like buttons have replaced the graphical button labels as visible in Firefox.

February 21, 05h

I got to say i use Camino starting 1 week ago, and is real good browser. Now i discover this plugin for Safari, Sogudi(i understand that is build also for Camino) and is very usefull. Thanks. I’m wonder if is there a web developer toolbar …for Camino (i try one for Safary, but isn’t working)…something similar to the one from Firefox

Dara says:
February 21, 14h

Have your tried Flock! It’s still in it’s infancy, but it’s so great, I switched over immediately. Good’bye every one else. It’s based off of Firefox, but it has & shadow bookmarks built in – for those who like to synch on multiple computers. It has a photo browser that connects with your Flickr .. and then – get this. It has blogging tools that will not only post your blog, but will let you post your flickr pictures to your blog!!!! Since it’s based on Firefox, most Firefox extensions work on it. There is so many cool features and it’s not even beta yet. I love it, I love it, I LOVE it!

Janeiro says:
February 21, 18h

I would love to switch to Camino but sync bookmark is one of my priorities. I have downloaded CamiTools (nice plug-in) but I’m unable to upload/download/sync my bookmarks (curl (67) Access denied: 530). I don’t understand because my server is dedicated and I manage it by myself and the ftp user has full rights on this directory.

Marc says:
February 24, 20h

I tried them all; Safari, Camino, Firefox, then Opera (ok, well, not ‘them all’, but a bunch of the popular ones)

I actually stuck with Opera, it’s just so much more convenient to use; built in RSS reader, middle clicking tabs, right-click validation, easily removing styles, etc…

February 26, 06h

If you miss extensions (I really miss Webdev’s toggle style, Cmd-Shift-S) you have to try this out:


Mark B. says:
March 02, 00h

“Just open Show All Bookmarks, add a new Bookmark, for instance:
and assign a keyword. Like “wp”. Then, type
wp Camino
in the location bar, et voila!”

What is this supposed to do. I don’t get it.

March 13, 07h

One thing I can’t (under)stand about Camino and Firefox is the way they render my virtual scrollwheel useless. I have UControl installed and configured to scroll vertically when I press “control”+”option” and the mousebutton.

Firefox, however, goes back or forth in history instead of scrolling, and Camino zooms the page I’m viewing. That’s so annoying. If I want to go back and forth I’ll use the “back”- and “forward”- buttons. And I hardly ever want to zoom a page, really. I frequently want to scroll pages, though.

So, that’s why I’m sticking to Safari for the time being. If anyone knew how to configure Camino (or UControl) so Camino will scroll instead of zooming, they might make me switch.