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February 14, 2006

Whoops, it’s been a while. Still alive. A few things flying across my radar lately:

CSS Problem Solving Survey

One of the SXSW panels I’m sitting on this year needs some help from you. Got a particularly thorny CSS problem? Go tell us about it, and we might have a solution for you in March. Ethan Marcotte has more information about the panel.

Speaking of SXSW, if you haven’t booked your hotel/flight by now, um, see you next year.

Yahoo Does Something Wonderful

To kick off the new Yahoo UI Blog with a bang, Yahoo has opened up a whole bunch of other UI-related stuff, free of charge. Like the Design Patterns Library, a collection of common solutions to UI problems. Or the Yahoo UI Library, a collection of Javascript for common UI components.

And finally, something which is sure to become an instant favourite amongst those who argue for/against bending over backwards to support specific browsers, Yahoo’s Graded Browser Support and their corresponding Support Chart. Practical, well-explained guidelines that you can use immediately, as put out by a major technology company — print them out, give them to your clients or boss, and rest easy. Yahoo’s done the tough explaining for you. Fantastic.

IE7 Beta 2 Preview
Not beta 2. Beta 2 preview. Meaning, expect a lot of change, and more preview releases, before the final version of IE7. Eric Meyer/Douglas Adams said it best: don’t panic.
Unitless line-heights
Speaking of Eric Meyer, check out this explanation of line-height. I had no idea. (This is the same bug I wrote about in October, mind you.)
Last night I caught a technology preview of this new mobile service. It’s still pretty beta, but in a nutshell: Skype on your mobile phone. ie., never pay another cent to your long distance carrier. Lots of caveats at the moment, but definitely one to watch.
Photoshop transform handles out of reach
Once again, Veerle has an Adobe tip that’s going to save me a lot of time. No more zooming out to 8.25%.
NetDiver Best of the Year, 2005
Pure design inspiration.

Chris says:
February 14, 11h

Hmm.. a conglomerate of links?… on Mezzoblue? Could this be a resurgance of the muchly viewed (at least by me) Mezzoblue Dailies? I hope :D

- Sadly, viewing from IE7 (I’m Previewing!)

Dave S. says:
February 14, 11h

Well, I kind of miss having a place for link dumps like this. But ‘Dailies’ became the wrong term for the weekly (or worse) postings. So I might just do this periodically instead. We’ll see.

February 14, 13h

Hey Dave, welcome back.

Thanks for the link to my Graded Browser Support article. It was a bit buried in the other stuff we released yesterday, but I’m glad you found it! I’ll be highlighting it later this week on

Trevor says:
February 14, 14h

I thought we already have IE 7 Beta 2. Or am i missing something here ?

Cam c. says:
February 14, 15h

Dave, thanks for the heads up on the Yahoo UI think… “design patterns” has been on my list of stuff to formally study/read up on for about a year now, after a potential contracting client mentioned how the theory was being applied to UI design…

Ben says:
February 14, 16h

SXSW - how I’d love to go…

Thanks for the pointer to the NetDiver Best of the Year, that’s some mouse-twitchingly, brain-whirringly good stuff.

Olly says:
February 15, 04h

@Trevor - nope, we have a preview of Beta 2 :)

goetsu says:
February 15, 08h

for information a french compagny “9 telecom” are trying to do the same thing as eqo not with skype but whis is opensource voip service wengo and a quadriplay service

February 16, 04h

I must say the Yahoo’s UI website is great for ajax n00bs

Jeff L says:
February 16, 09h

So Dave, are you saying it’s officially time to remove the Dailies feed from my RSS reader?

Chris says:
February 16, 10h

Fabian: Gear down! Your website is using Ajax!

Jeff: He removed the Dailies a few months back, but I still wouldn’t remove it completely. There was a some good stuff in there that might be worth revisiting sometime.