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Site Launch: Rosenfeld Media

January 13, 2006
Rosenfeld Media

Ah, at last! I’ve been looking forward to writing this up for a while now, one of my latest projects just went live. Rosenfeld Media is a brand new publishing company for our industry, with a bit of a twist. Instead of putting out a few epic doorstopper technical manuals each month, the books are going to be short, focused, and will take advantage of technology unlike any other traditional publisher.

The founder, Louis Rosenfeld, is a name a lot of you are likely familiar with. I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Lou over the past few months on the visual identity for the company, the web site design, and the technical implementation, as well as a few other things still to come. This is one of the broadest projects I’ve tackled yet, as I’ve spent my days living in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Movable Type, BBEdit and ssh in almost equal chunks.

The site itself has a few goodies you might be interested in. Make sure to resize your window and see how we’ve dealt with that. Big thanks to Cameron Adams for writing what’s proving to be one of my favourite scripts in the past year.

Almost all the content on the site is being managed through Movable Type. I’ve learned that if you treat the output MT generates as little content modules, instead of full pages, you can do some pretty powerful stuff with common include files and some selective PHP. I’m still a little annoyed that I have to flatten my HTML for the sake of comment .cgi pages, and my PHP scripts for working around that were always more trouble than they’re worth. Still, starting with a clean slate with Movable Type 3.2 on this site opened my eyes to some of the great new stuff they’ve been adding recently, since I haven’t been upgrading my templates on this here site to take advantage of them yet. If you’re still old school and running MT like me, 3.2 is a worthwhile upgrade.

A big congratulations to Lou and the rest of the folks involved with Rosenfeld Media for launching this new venture, and if you would like to throw your two cents in about what sort of books you would like to see, go tell ‘em!