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Geek Dinner

January 10, 2006

Geek dinner. Monday January 23rd. The Crown and Anchor, Covent Garden. London. Will I see you there?

January 10, 18h

Wow Dave, Vancouver to London is a long journey to make for a single meal! ;)

Sounds like an interesting night. Only in this industry would an evening of hell bent geekiness sound like so much fun…and I love it!

January 10, 21h

Indeed it’s a long journey. It’s probably worth it - this time of the year, London is beautiful.

theUg says:
January 10, 21h

London, Ontario, innit?

Paul says:
January 10, 22h

I am so going to this! First I get to meet the founders of WordPress, and now Dave Shea. Can’t wait to meet you, Dave. :)

January 10, 23h

Will you see me there? Too right! I’m glad to see some cool meet up stuff going on for lonely geeks such as myself on this side of the pond! :)
I’ll have had a week to recover from my jet lag by then, so i won’t have an excuse for any nonsense i come out with. See you all then.

Art says:
January 11, 02h

The modern art museum ModernTate near the Thames is worth a visit too!

January 11, 06h

Kel and I were just at the Crown & Anchor for lunch last Tuesday, the final day before flying home at the end of our vacation. Food was pretty good too.

So unfortunately, I won’t be at your geek dinner. I guess I’ll have to settle for lunch with you at Stubb’s in March ;-)

Mike Ward says:
January 11, 07h

Got anything planned for Dayton, Ohio? I know a few good eateries. :)

Dave S. says:
January 11, 08h

“Vancouver to London is a long journey to make for a single meal!”

True. Good thing I’ll be there for the week surrounding the Carson Workshop then.

Aaron -

Glad to hear you vouching for the venue. Stubb’s in March? You’re on.

January 11, 09h

I’ll be there.
Anyone fancy the Tate Modern beforehand then?

Gregory says:
January 11, 09h

Be there if I can be! Nice food there.

Art says:
January 11, 10h

Modern Tate: 4th floor free entrance all year

Max Ernst, Dali, etc

Dave S. says:
January 11, 10h

“Anyone fancy the Tate Modern beforehand then?”

You bet!

January 11, 14h

I won’t be able to make it to the Tate before because I’m working till 5:30pm but enjoy the tate and remember to make it over to the bar around 7pm. Enjoy!

Craig C. says:
January 11, 16h

I won’t be going to London any time soon, but I’ll be at WDW in San Francisco on the 30th. I believe I still owe you a beer…

trovster says:
January 12, 01h

Yeh, Dave, don’t be late like Molly! Unfortunately I can’t make this one, but I’ll be at the @media part├ęs

Serge M says:
January 12, 06h

Better warn ‘The rock and anchor’ to reserve some space :0

I’d be there myself if I had the time to nip over to London.

January 12, 15h

If you can, please also drop a comment on the geekdinner site. As it helps me count numbers for food and venue space -

See you all soon…

Ian Lloyd says:
January 13, 05h

Hey Dave, I would join you … but I’ll be off on honeymoon the day after so you can see why that might present a problem for me :-) Will be catching up with you at SXSW as usual though (and @media)

Art says:
January 13, 08h

Tate Modern has a beautiful cafe too.

C’est bien, n’est-ce pas!

Michele says:
January 17, 02h

This event is very important! Even an Italian guy, it will join. :-)

January 19, 12h

Who’s planning on going to the Tate Modern then?
I’ll get to Waterloo around 1 or 2 o clock; it’d be great to meet up with some people so I don’t have to go around it alone!

(there’s a post on my site to try and organise this meetup -

January 19, 15h

I shall see you at both (and SXSW, etc). Trying to get a bit of freelancing work in London next week too as its my only dry week in ages.

January 20, 03h

Was out with Dave last night, post-workshop (which I found massively helpful) - his first in London.

Pleased to report I left him after a trip to the kebab shop on New Kings Road very much “in the spirit”.

Told him he needs to catch the sunset from Waterloo bridge - here’s hoping he takes heed - it’s the best London has to offer!

jEN says:
January 24, 07h

Hi Dave- I’m Jen Dixon, the American girl that chatted with you after your presentation (that I unfortunately missed 98% of…). Love the work you do. Thank you for being such an approachable and lovely guy to chat with! Hope your travel back to Vancouver goes well and thanks for your time last evening. Next time I’ll catch your whole speech! :)

Arty Funkel says:
January 24, 08h

Visited Tate Modern too?

bolsh says:
March 21, 14h

I will try to make it, but flying in a few hours before. thanks for organizing.