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December 04, 2005

Public Service Announcement: if you’re planning on going to SXSWi in March, book your hotel now. A bunch of them are already sold out, as I learned the hard way this week. No Hampton Inn for me this year.

December 04, 11h

D’Oh, thanks for warning!

So what is your choice then?

December 04, 12h

Booked @ the omni - they were filling fast too.

I think sxswi is going to be big this year. HUGE even

cu there


December 04, 12h

Yeah, I booked on the 18th and was already too late for the Hampton.

Dave S. says:
December 04, 13h

I ended up at the Radisson on Congress/Caeser Chavez. Close enough to the conference centre and reasonably priced (the Canadian dollar is way improved over the past two years, but still a liability), though I have no idea what the facilities are like. Bit of a crapshoot. We’ll see.

Alex says:
December 04, 13h

I’ve got an apartment on Riverside (about 10 minute drive from downtown Austin) if anybody’s interested in crashing here for a few days…

J Wynia says:
December 04, 14h

I’m something like 6 miles away, but my trip is going to be $600 less than ANY of the hotels listed on the recommended list. That pays for a lot of cab rides.

December 04, 15h

A coworker and I are splitting the hotel cost, and luckily he already took care of it. Hampton I think, a few blocks from the Hilton where it’s being hosted.

December 04, 15h

It’s *crazy* this year, I wonder if there’s a non-SXSW event taking up rooms or if this will just be the biggest attendance SXSWi has ever had.

I was disappointed the Hampton was sold out too - my wife’s coming this year, though, so we sprang for the Hilton.

December 04, 18h

Ah, dang nabbit. Looks like I’ll be cabbing it or enjoying a nice walk back and forth to the hotel. Should’ve booked earlier…

December 04, 19h

Rats! The Hampton was pretty hoppin’ last year. I’ll never forget running into Jeremy Keith at the end of the first day and having him tell me, wild-eyed, that it was time to go get drunk.

December 04, 22h

I think I’ll be attending this year. It’s right during our spring break. But I’d better hurry up and book my hotel and flight or I’ll be outta luck.

Mike D. says:
December 04, 23h

I highly recommend the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel. It’s right off of 6th, very comfortable, and has a great restaurant at the base of it.

Thanks for reminding me to book!

Craig C. says:
December 05, 01h

Conferences usually pre-reserve a block of rooms, so when those are all gone the hotel may still have rooms available even though the conference organizers claim it’s sold out.

When I attempted to book at the Hampton several weeks ago it was already “full” according to the SXSW website, but I managed to snag a room by booking directly with the hotel. The downside is that I lost the conference group discount and the room is costing me an extra $30 or so per night. I intend to recoup that at the breakfast buffet.

December 05, 01h

I agree Mike I stayed at Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel last year and it was fabolous and I just booked another room right after I read your post. Thanks for the reminder see you guys there.

December 05, 06h

@Craig C. - Good detective work, I’m glad you managed to get in…and…sounds like you’ve got a good strategy for recouping your cost!

@Dave - Glad you ended up with a room not too far away…I hope it turns out to be a good experience. You would think these hotels would try to have there best game on for a conference like this.

Luckily I booked mine in advance; I’ll be in the Hampton. This is my first conference of this caliber and I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting many of you there.

December 05, 07h

I was hoping for the Hampton as well, but I’ll probably book the Hilton or Radisson if my approval comes through this week. Last year was great, so the word must have gotten out.

Narga says:
December 05, 09h

Thanks for warning! I think I’ll be attending this year.

December 05, 19h

The Hampton sold out a while ago, unforunately. I missed it by one day. Managed to get in at the Crowne Plaza however, which according to this map ( ) is pretty close….

December 06, 07h

We’ll miss you at the Hampton, Dave. But you can come visit :-)

Lorens says:
December 09, 17h

What the problem! :) Some sleep begs and clean ground, and all problems with accomidation are solved :)

victor says:
December 11, 07h

For those who have jetblue in their city. They will have a route to Austin Starting Jan 19, 2006.

Neil says:
December 13, 14h

Yup. I tried booking a hotel room at the Hampton for myself and my buddy in the middle of November and was told that I got the (literally) last room available. Very crazy - apparently 2006 is some kind of anniversary year for SXSW and conference sales are *way* up. Should be a blast!

Eric says:
January 24, 14h

I just won myself a comp ticket and scrambled to put together the hotel and the flight. Anyone looking to share a room a few miles out of town - looks like I’ve got some extra space…