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Pizza and Passats

November 10, 2005

A few things I’ve enjoyed this week:

Pizza Flyers: The Height of Good Graphic Design?
An objective look at what constitutes design in the world of pizza flyers. Great points, but there are always exceptions. A western Canadian pizza chain, Panago, tried the counterpoint in the late 90’s: modernist, sparsely filled masterpieces of flyers. You know what? They’re still at it, years later.
The new Passat
A series of tiny, self-contained films about the ‘120 not-so standard features’. Clever, and sometimes goofy, visual puns.
A List Apart issue 205
You’ve seen it no doubt, but man, has ALA seen a renaissance of quality lately or what?
Visual problem solving taken to a whole new level. (via)
RoundCube and TurboDbAdmin
Great free web-based GUIs that leave SquirrelMail and PHPMyAdmin in the dust.
Learning from the Web
Adam Bosworth of Google explains some of the lessons his company (and others) have learned from the web.

November 10, 14h

Thanks for the link to the Panago pizza page. An interesting exception, as you say.
But… would you agree that Panago is not the sort of cheap, fast pizza joint I was referring to in the article? Genuine question - being in the UK I don’t know much about them. If they’re a cut above, as it were, then it sort of proves my point. If not then I’ll claim the convenient ‘exception that proves the rule’ defence ;-)

Keep up the good work as ever - you’ll be pleased to know I use your site and work in web design courses I run here. For some reason the moment I show them Zen Garden the power of CSS becomes clear to people who up until that point were going ‘huh?’



Dave S. says:
November 10, 14h

Panago is kind of a well-branded, mid-tier pizza place. Not gourmet by any means, they strongly cater to take-out and delivery, so they exist in the same market as the guys in your article. They’re more expensive than some places, and less expensive than others, but I’d have to guess they compete in roughly the same market as the ones you’re calling out.

Thanks for stopping by Jonathan. Glad the site’s proving useful.

Rosemarie says:
November 10, 15h

I don’t know if they changed their recipies dramatically or if my taste just changed, but I liked their pizza a lot better when they went by Panagopoulas (or however you spell that)

Funny how I read all your interesting design-y entries, and the only time I ever comment (almost) is to give an opinion on Pizza.

November 10, 16h

Thanks for pointing out TurboDbAdmin - it definitely looks like it might be cool, and I would love to find something to replace phpMyAdmin. =)

November 10, 16h

ALA is almost back to the meaningfulness (?) that it held for me lo these many years ago. The refocus seems to have done a lot for them…not so much cheesy trickery, but solid thinking about what the web is for. Yay!

November 10, 17h

Thanks for throwing us them bones. I am definitely checking out roundcube! Even if I can’t make the aesthetically “illiterate” choose my pizza, I can pick which webmail system I use.

Thanks. Matthew

November 10, 22h

It’s funny, you know. Even once in a while I get really annoyed at phpPgAdmin (for PostgreSQL), and wish there was a version with more AJAX and less frames. But having tried the TurboDB one, there’s one thing that I definitely don’t like about it: The inability to open anything in a new window/tab.

Now, this is mostly an easily-remedied fault on the part of the TurboDB developers: It’s driven entirely by span.onclick events, rather than by anchor onclicks. Even if it’s got a crazy JS function attached to it, everything clickable should *still* be an href or a form-submit, and the no-JS target should *always* point to a permalink of the relevant content/action. Then when you middle-click it, your new tab will still point to that link, rather than to nothing. (besides that, you basically give yourself no-JS fallback for free…)

And that Ambigram site is simply unbelievable. Just, wow.

November 11, 02h

ALA? It’s all about SitePoint these days!

ALA’s problem is that they’re not publishing often enough, they need an up-to-date industry-focused blog.

But then, that’s why I’m here! ;)

November 11, 07h

Mmmmm, new Zen Garden designs. My favorite mid-morning snack.

November 13, 04h

Gotta love them ambigrams.

Thomas Tallyce says:
November 14, 03h

TurboDbAdmin looks like being promising, though I think it’s (unfortunately) some way off being a PhpMyAdmin replacement.

(I’d love PhpMyAdmin to be Ajax-enabled, have a bit of “style” included, be frames-free, and generally be more user friendly.)

November 14, 17h

I’ve been using RoundCube for a while as my main webmail, and for a software that is in 0.1 alpha stages, it is incredibly reliable and fast, with many AJAX based features implemented already.

It’s highly recommended :).

November 23, 01h

Thanks for posting the Ambigrams links alot of great stuff is covered on there site.But just like Edward i like the zen garden designs.

Jono says:
November 26, 14h

Anybody else notice the rapidly flashing link backgrounds in the links (e.g.; “Learning from the Web”) at the top of the page?

Try hovering over just the border/underline below the link text. In FireFox 1.5rc3 for OS X 10.4, I see the background color rapidly flashing behind the link. Anybody else see that? Could just be my setup, or this version of FF? Nobody had mentioned it, so I thought I’d ask.

Jono says:
November 26, 15h

I’ve posted a QuickTime movie of the link flashing: