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New Server

October 31, 2005

Welcome to the new server! I’ve been running a few other sites on Dreamhost for the past six months or so and have been generally happy with the service. They keep raising the monthly bandwidth and storage space, so barring a Slashdotting or two, I’m pretty confident they’ll be able to keep up with my needs. I’m not totally thrilled with their oft-praised control panel, it seems a bit slow and quirky. Even after a few months of using it, I’m still never sure quite where to go when I need to do something specific.

But anyway, I’m enabling comments to make sure those still work. I crammed in an upgrade to MT 3.2 while I was setting things up, and it seems relatively stable, but I was forced to make a change I’m not completely sure about yet. Hold off on commenting for now; looks like the templates are a bit mangled at the moment. Okay, comments are a go again. Not perfect, but they should at least be functional.

October 31, 10h

hi2you sir.

Luke says:
October 31, 10h

I’ve been with Dreamhost since July now and so far no major complaints. I agree with you on the control panel though, I oft resort to using the knowledge base just to find where a damn option is.

October 31, 10h

Also, this feed is much better. The articles show up by date in my reader instead of all being marked with the time I downloaded them. RDF -> RSS 2.0?

juque says:
October 31, 10h

Wow! Welcome to best web hosting of the world Dave, Dreamhost of course.

October 31, 10h

No, just a better backend probably :).

The I’ve in Luke’s comment… seems like in your PHP install the automatic SQL-escaping of form submissions is enabled (oh I hate that).


Allen Day says:
October 31, 11h

I’ve been using dreamhost since the late nineties – save for a brief hiatus (my current account est. 2001) and have had exceptionally few complaints. These years over, I can only think of two significant downtimes–one the result of a heavy DOS attack (Which caused them to put together an off-site status page in case something like that happens again as well as a number of things to ensure it doesn’t happen again) and another time they, and much of the left coast, enjoyed a brownout. The former is the only lengthy (Days, if I recall correctly) downtime I can remember. Not a bad record – and they do offer a lot for the money – especially if you get in on a good deal/price lockin when you sign up.

As for that panel, it’s one of the most competent/feature rich of seen (mind you I haven’t seen any competitor’s since 2000 or 2001) – but it certainly does suffer from some speed issues and isn’t the most intuitive to find your way around. Look at the bright side, it used to be slower!

October 31, 12h

Welcome to DreamHost. :-)

beto says:
October 31, 12h

Hi there and welcome to DH Dave. I’ve been a customer for more than 2 years now and have been my best years of hosting experience so far. No complaints.

I agree the control panel isn’t the most intuitive thing in the world, and that mail setup is a bit tricky. But other than that, it works, and in the end that is what really matters.

But I feel your pain - server switching, specially if we’re talking sites with thousands of pages and a million SQL databases… it’s never a walk in the park. It can make you feel miserable for weeks. But oh what a relief when everything finally comes together again…

October 31, 13h

My favorite host has always been By their count, my server’s had 10 minutes of downtime in 2005. (I’ve never actually seen my sites or my POP/IMAP accounts go down.) I’ve tried a number of other companies, including Dreamhost, but have always been drawn back to pair’s reliability.

October 31, 13h

Heh, reading this site from the RSS, I never noticed any of the problems. Visiting the site today, though, it still looks great. No errors here. :)

C Montoya says:
October 31, 14h

Hi, and welcome to Dreamhost. I have been using it since July and I just cannot get over how much space, bandwidth, and programming features they provide. I can handle so much traffic on a basic plan… it is great.

Maybe mezzoblue will be the next DHSOTM (dreamhost site of the month)? That would be funny.

October 31, 15h

I need to read more.. i left like a booklet in response to design maturity,hit the submit button and threw all kinds of errors. thought i had broken the site seriously. you ever have that feelin like you should not have touched something and everyone arround you is looking. lol no worries if I read another comment about ‘the definitve use of PS vs how the web should be purly content’ i might chime in.

Zach says:
October 31, 16h

Everyone sings Dreamhost’s praises, but I have to put them down a little. I use the Control Panel a lot, and it seems pretty slow and oddly designed (not very intuitive at all).

Their ever-increasing bandwith is a nice feature, and the price is excellent, so they are a great choice for a lot of people. I am just excessively picky, which is why I went with Surpass.

October 31, 16h

Welcome to the club. I’m sure DreamHost will be a good home for Mezzoblue, as it has been for the si-blog since July 2004.

Brian says:
October 31, 21h

Dreamhost seems like a pretty good offering, I’ve heard great things from some others about it. I recently signed up with TextDrive on their lifetime offer, but I’m a bit jealous of the Dreamhost bandwidth & storage offerings.

Have you seen the Typo Theme Contest? I’m wondering if you couldn’t come up with a killer theme for Typo that wins you a 15” or 12” iBook. Makes the Nano that was the best prize pale by comparison. Prizes listed at

Just a thought, not sure if you’re into theming for individual blog systems or just focus on the pure CSS aspects.

Marco says:
November 01, 03h

Very nice! I moved to Dreamhost a while ago as well and I definitely don’t regret it!

Alistair says:
November 01, 06h

I recommended a bloke to DH just the other day actually, has a high traffic site and one of their plans met his needs pretty neatly. I’ll be interested to see how he finds it as well actually.

How are you finding the server speed and network Dave? I think it feels faster to browse (coming from Australia). Is the performance staking up for you in the US?


November 01, 06h

I’ve used ipowerweb, dreamhost, and bluehost.

All relatively good deals. I bailed on ipower because they don’t seem to upgrade their stuff very often (still on WP 1.2) in their CP.

Dreamhost is a fun company to work with, they are lighthearted and down to earth and do provide lots of nice bonuses, but for someone who uses the CP ALL the time, theirs just downright sucks. It’s painfully slow, poor in communicating, and horribly structured.

Bluehost is my fav right now. Their interface is top notch for someone who is in the CP a lot. They’re only $6 or $7 a month for plenty of space and offer several domains under one account as well.

My two cents, take it or leave it, but I just don’t get why DH doesn’t upgrade to a better CP. It’s not hard.

gerben says:
November 01, 09h

Whow. Is there any service DH doesn’t offer. definitely Something to remember :-)

Michee says:
November 01, 11h

My family & I host several sites with DreamHost (and have for the past several years). We’ve enjoyed being with them. But I have to agree that the control panel is…odd. I agree that it’s often difficult to navigate (it takes me ages to figure out where to look for my allotments). “Goodies” for everything from one-click installs to MySql management?? That’s one area I think has been sorely neglected.
But aside from that, I’ve had nothing but success with them. :) And I enjoy the light-hearted communications from them.

Ken Chau says:
November 03, 13h

Dreamhost is THE place for webhosting! It’s got the greatest offer ever - unlimited hosts, SSH access, PHP5, FastCGI AND Rails support…

Oh my… I almost faint when I consider the awesomeness that is Dreamhost.

Matt says:
November 07, 06h

One thing I love about Dreamhost is that I can manage all my DH client sites from my control panel, which saves me from always having to log in and out depending on who’s site I need to work on. It may be a little slow, but it saves me a ton of time in other ways. And the shell access is great too, I can intstall my own copy of PEAR, compress files, etc. Good stuff overall! I just hope they can keep up with their growth rate.

November 07, 13h

I had the same nice experiences during last month. I moved from an older server generation to a newer one because of capacity problems (just internaly within my hoster). I had >2000’s of trackback spam and > 1000 comment spam with my MT 3.12. The pain was that the older server got always a runtime error and I extended my 1GB space.

My hoster told me that on his side is everything ok and it’s my software (MT) that is generating the problems. But after I changed hoster internally on the new server generation with 1,5 GB it’s working brilliant. Also I using SQL database (before I used the MT former default DB) and I could delete all the horrible spam while working with the new lovely MT version 3.2.

But next to one month of parallel servers, hell of work, importing and exporting I got a nice hoster surprise. Those guys charged me for all my registered domains double. Meaning: e.g. I registered domain A in Sep 2005. I paid therefore from Sep 2005 – Sep 2006. After moving to the new server in Oct 2005 they told it’s a new registration and charged me again. Oct. 2005 until Oct. 2006. Because of 10 domains that movement cost me about 200 Euro extra. Now I discussing with them to make them understand that I paid already.

Let’s see and hope. But from technology side I learnt also a lot again.

November 14, 12h

Have you ever considered Bluehost? I’ve been far happier with them than Dreamhost.

I just find them to be generally more friendly and ready to accomodate my needs. Just a thought!

Elton says:
November 17, 09h

Ugh, a client of mine uses Bluehost and it’s terrible. MySQL seems to restart every morning, the site goes down for up to an hour every day, we constantly get red screens with “CPU Usage Exceeded”…yeah.

will says:
November 19, 02h

I think one of the founders of DH wrote the panel from scratch. it aint cPanel but it’s his baby. I click many many things before I find what I want.

But they’re funny folks! And fast enough fer me.

I’m so glad I switched.