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Book Link List

July 22, 2005

Got a copy of The Zen of CSS Design? Getting tired of typing in all the links we referenced? Good news — now you don’t have to, thanks to the book link list.

Since shortly after ‘The Zen of CSS Design’ hit the shelves this past February, a common request that keeps coming up is for a list of links to the designs referenced in the book. Well, now it finally exists, but I’ve gone one better.

Our writing process highlighted the need to pick and choose the topics we covered, leaving some material on the cutting room floor, so to speak. We came across a wealth of information while writing that we had no chance of including, so we did what any other self-respecting web author would do: we hyperlinked. Only, manually. So that left you, the reader, in the awkward position of having to type in these longish URIs to get at the information we wanted to share. Ugh? Ugh.

But we’re done with that. I’ve spent the day compiling a list of all articles and books mentioned within the book, linked them, and annotated with page number of the original reference as well as corresponding descriptive text from the book. Now you have one page to remember, or you can just go to the Zen Garden All Designs page and find a link there from now on.

And while I was at it, I updated those that needed updating. Who knew that Bobby no longer existed? It was rebranded as ‘WebXACT’, a suite of tools from Watchfire… I must have missed that whenever it happened. And as any of the other links go offline, I’ll do my best to find alternates and update the list accordingly.

July 22, 02h

One problem with the list. In the list of designs for Chapter 3, you have “Jon Hicks by Entomology.” Somehow I think you meant “Entomology by Jon Hicks.”

July 22, 03h

Thank you thank you thank you!!! If only I could describe how wonderful this is. I was going to go through the book and do this for my students for the fall (I chose this book as our design text) and you just freed a days worth of my time, and others time I’m sure.

You are wonderful. First the book, now this. Thanks.

Dave S. says:
July 22, 04h

And thank YOU, Lisa, for choosing our book as your text. That totally rocks.

July 22, 10h

Quite the resource. Thanks for putting in the time.

>> Who knew that Bobby no longer
>> existed?

Cynthia did. :)

Bogus says:
July 23, 04h

Why wasn’t a cd-rom included … with eg clickable screen shots?

July 23, 07h

Now I can take out all those Post-its!

Bernd says:
July 23, 11h

The link list is really usefull. I haven’t bought your book yet but I will do so in the summer holidays.

July 24, 11h

Good news for german and german-speaking css freaks, which like the csszengarden and “the book” a lot: Addison-Wesley published the german translation on July, 18th and it’s available at Amazon as well as any other bookstore under the isbn 3827322766. The title is: Das Zen des CSS-Designs. Amazon-Link:

July 28, 12h

Thanks, Dave! It is indeed a very useful list - at least for me. The only thing I have to do now is to buy the book, too. ;) Thanks!

Steve says:
November 16, 20h

This book is so awsome it saves me so much time and gives me links to things I never knew about. Very cool thanks for going that extra step too.

Ann says:
January 03, 22h

The link list is really usefull. I haven’t bought your book yet but I will do so in the summer holidays

January 06, 13h

Wow, that is exactly what I was looking for. Its pretty amazing when you type a search into Google and it actually pulls up exactly what you are looking for. Wonderful.

Plus obviously thank you for compiling that list. I have bookmarked your site and I will be back!