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Upcoming Events

February 17, 2005

Some housekeeping: a listing of where I’ll be over the next month. Feel free to ignore this one if you’re not the conference-going type.

Somehow I managed to pack my schedule in the upcoming weeks, so here’s a quick listing of places I’ll be (also now available in convenient sidebar form on most two-column pages on this site.)

Northern Voice 2005

Northern Voice is a brand new blogging conference happening right in my own back yard. Short notice, as it’s running in Vancouver on Saturday, February 19th, but I couldn’t pass it by. No specific speaking duties here, I’ll just be one of the crowd.

Though I suppose it’s possible I may be up on stage for at least a few minutes…

SXSW 2005

Next, on to South by Southwest in Austin, TX from March 11 to 15 this year. I’m pulling double-duty, on both a refresh of last year’s panel, “More HiFi Design with CSS”, and an as-of-yet untitled panel on what web design might look like in ten years with Mr. Hicks, Mr. Allsopp, Ms. Free, and Mr. Bowman.

And there’s also 20x2, a creative evening session billed as “Twenty Speakers. One Question. Two Minutes Each.” Having the distinction of completely missing last year’s, I’ve no idea what to expect, but I’ve got two minutes; should be fun.

Web Design World San Francisco

Next up we have the just-confirmed stop at Web Design World San Francisco on March 21st and 22nd. I’ll be co-presenting “The Marriage of Presentation and Structure” with Molly Holzschlag, my distinguised co-author.

For those keeping score, I’ll be playing the role of Ethan Marcotte in a refresh of the WDW Boston session last fall, although I’m not quite sure I can bring myself to utter the phrase “pimp my own kool-aid”.

Flash in the Can 2005

So that takes care of the left and the middle, finally on to a stop on the right. Flash in the Can runs from April 9 to 11 in Toronto, Ontario. I’ll be holding down the CSS fort at a predominantly Flash-oriented festival as I try and dispell the 5 Myths of CSS Design.

Confirmed speakers include David Carson, Yugo Nakamura, and me. One of these things is not like the others.

I suspect a meetup with folks from Toronto who actually read this site will be in order.

Mayu says:
February 18, 03h

I’ll be at SxSW too, hope to see you there!

I’ll also be in San Francisco on March 21st and 22nd, but I’m not sure if I can afford to go to SxSW *and* Web Design World….

Ethan says:
February 18, 05h

Yes. Well. I expect some equally embarrassing utterance of geek flava from you, Shea—these traditions won’t just keep themselves going, you know.

Dave S. says:
February 18, 07h

Mayu —

Due to the setup of the convention center, I’m sure you’ll see me wandering the halls sooner or later.
Come say hi!

Ethan —

No doubt.

Ryan says:
February 18, 10h

Dave, you need to hang out with us Spoono guy’s something, perhaps maybe over a case of Bawls? During that time you can teach my fourteen year old brain to do some amazing CSS stuff, maybe. ;-)

- Ryan Barr / Spooky

February 18, 10h

Hey, Dave

Très cool! I’m only an hour’s drive away from Toronto (in Waterloo) - I’d like to be in the loop on any get-together-thing happening during your stay there, but I’m too remote (and unfamilliar with T.O.) to organize something. Flash isn’t my bag though, so I’ll probably not be at the conference.

February 18, 11h

Wow. Speechless, Dave. Best wishes.

February 18, 11h

I’m in Waterloo too, but I’m just some guy. :)

Might even be driving to Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo, I think I can make the trip into town for FITC.

It’d be great to hear you!

February 19, 07h

in T.O.? Will make the trek. Might even look at the conference, just to get a perspective outside of our isolated standards/accessibility/whatever community…

Dave S. says:
February 19, 10h

“Might even look at the conference, just to get a perspective outside of our isolated standards/accessibility/whatever community”

I’ll be much more of a conference-goer than a speaker at FITC, for precisely this reason. Getting out of the bubble we’re in is always enlightening.

(Hope to see you in Toronto, Derek.)

Yasuhisa says:
February 20, 10h

I am also attending SXSW this year… from Japan!
Looking forward to see your panel.

Marc Broad says:
February 20, 12h

The flash in the can website is hardly confidence building with missing cfm files everywhich where.

Heres hoping the organisation of the event is better than the website!

John Y. says:
February 21, 05h

I, too, will be seeing you at SXSW. Much less likely, though, will be you seeing me. ;)