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Weblog Entry

Making a Difference

January 01, 2005

New Year’s resolutions come and go. My only one this year is to assist where I can, and with your patience, I think I can pull it off.

Over the past two years, this site has seen incredible growth and support from the web design world. We’re a small bunch of people given our niche focus, but the closeness and sense of community between us leads to valuable associations, friendships, and trust between people from around the world.

It’s time to cash in some of that social credit for real money. For the month of January, assuming still-awaited approval from Google, I’ve decided to run Google’s AdSense. I plan on doing so for one month from the date of implementation, and permanently removing them in February.

If you had visited this site in the past few days, you would have noticed the home page redirected to a temporary cover page asking for donations to aid the South Asia region affected by last week’s devastating tsunami. This is not a local problem that affects a few people halfway around the world; this is a global catastrophe that has claimed the lives of those in dozens of countries, and ranks strongly within anyone’s list of the worst disasters to befall this planet.

The two ideas are related: spurred by Andy Budd’s BlogAid concept, all proceeds from AdSense will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross’s relief fund. After a month, the ads will simply disappear. By saying this up front, I believe any temptation to continue running them will be dissuaded, and mezzoblue will remain ad-free (aside from the minimal returns generated by Amazon’s Affiliates program used in the ‘Recommending’ section of this site).

That’s why I’m talking about this now — so we all realize that it’s just a temporary thing, to help out people that need it. And with that, welcome to 2005.