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Weblog Entry

Early Presents

December 09, 2004

A couple of early presents for you, available in this site’s new Downloads area.

After writing about my custom editing controls last week, I’ve had a few requests to share. So I built a ZIP archive and supporting page for the code and images involved, now available as the rather lofty-sounding v1.0. A bit of knowledge is required to implement them, since documentation is a thankless task. Still, I’ve included a readme file which should hopefully answer any questions in advance.

And vector line-art being what it is, taking the winter header image I’m running during this month and converting it into something a little more consumable was a pretty brainless task, so along with my postcard submission to Jeff Croft’s contest, I’ve uploaded a few wallpaper-sized variations for your enjoyment.

Both available at the new Downloads page, which may or may not grow as time marches on.