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September 25, 2004
Off to WE04

Leaving for the airport in a few hours, so here’s the plan. A brief flight to LA and a bit of a layover will be followed by the long trek across the Pacific, Equator, and International Date Line — all in the same flight.

Scheduled arrival time in Sydney: the future. Something like early the 27th, all I know is that I’ll completely miss the 26th of September. (Aw, my favorite day of the year, too.)

Plan for Sydney: a day of sleeping. Two days of exploring. And then the whole reason for the trip, WE04. Can’t wait to meet everyone, it’s going to be an invigorating couple of days.

Afterwards a drive down to Melbourne (yes, I’m aware it’s a big spread-out country… but remember where I live) and a few days enjoying the sights. Yes, I’d love to have lunch/coffee/whatever with the local Melbourne crowd. Here’s the catch — I’d rather not coordinate it. Leave your contact details in the comments, and have a type A personality take the ball and figure it all out, and I’ll be there. Good day to plan for: the 5th.

So that’s that. Don’t expect much activity on here until mid-October. Take care, and enjoy the turning leaves for me.

Reader Comments

September 25, 01h

While you’re in Sydney, go to Chinatown. It’s got *real* Chinese food. You won’t be disappointed.

gb says:
September 25, 02h

A drive from Sydney to Melbourne… well, if you must drive (seriously… a flight between the two is inexplicably cheap), perhaps some pointers:

-Left side, left side! (best way to keep yourself from unconsciously drifting over to the wrong side is to remember that, at least on a two lane highway, just keep your bum in the centre of the road… if it’s near the shoulder, you’re on the wrong side)
-Don’t drive after dark. Having done so many times, I can say you never know what you might hit. Remember that a kangaroo may seem like a wondrous curiosity in the daylight, but on a highway late at night, it’s something of a bouncing deer… and one that hitting will most likely total the car. Also, wombats hit at speed react as you might expect a speedbump hit at speed to do: they’re fine, but your car is suddenly catapulted into the stratosphere.
-Photo-cops: I’ve never had a problem with them in the north of Victoria, but we got a notice in the mail for doing 20km/h over the limit along the the Great Ocean Road (I still to this day have no idea where it was hidden).

Australia is a wonderful place. Enjoy it. I lived in and around Melbourne for the better part of two years, and I miss it every day.

Natalie says:
September 25, 05h

Return Flight Sydney - Melbourne: AUS $120
Hire Car to drive Great Ocean Road: AUS $45 per day.
Time Saved by not driving the boring hours from Sydney to Melbourne: Priceless.

Honestly, hop a flight, pick up your hire car at the airport and on you go, with a saving of at least 8 hours of driving time.

That said, 5th is Tuesday, some of us have to work!

Contact: 0415 730 653 (mobile/cell) if you would like to go for some cheap Thai in Richmond, or a beer at a great little pub.

September 25, 09h

Good Lord, you’re driving! I hope that’s not for reasons of financial convenience, because it is improbably cheap to fly between the two now.

If you’re driving the Hume Highway route, I found it to be a many-hour stretch of bum-achingly boring terrain. If you want to see some lovely parts of the country, you may wish to consider the Princes’ Highway, which goes along the coast and through the Gippsland region of Victoria. The upshot is that it’s a somewhat longer drive.

Have a great time at WE04!

Dave S. says:
September 25, 10h

Okay, time for one quick comment before I really AM out the door.

The idea is driving to Melbourne, then keeping the car and seeing how far we can get along the Great Ocean Road before we have to turn around and come back.

September 25, 10h

Welcome to Australia Dave, I wish I had a chance to meet you. I live in Artarmon, a suburb of Sydney. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to go to WE04 :-(, oh well, maybe another time.

Don’t worry about hitting kangaroos or wombats, you won’t see any in the city areas, unless you go to the zoo, but there are kangaroo and wombat signs on the country roads to let you know to look out for them in the areas they live.

The great ocean is quite long, but worth taking the trip to see it all.

September 25, 10h

Oops, forgot to leave my contact details for you. I’ll usually be reachable by at least one of these numbers, or e-mail me any time.
Mobile: 0427 202 908
Home phone: (02) 9415 1358

September 25, 10h

Damn J2EE programming, man! I need to get into design if only for the conferences :-)

September 25, 11h

I wish I had the money to go to Australia to hear web designers like you.

AkaXakA says:
September 25, 11h

So….what happens if you’re birthday is on the 26th?

Do you magicly not age for a year? Or do you reck the time-space continuum, instantly creating a polarised paralel world where you were never born?

Or not?

Anyway, have fun.

September 26, 02h

Whatever you do DO NOT miss the Great Ocean Road drive. Look forward to seeing you at the WE04.

And again the drive down from Sydney to Melbourne is really scenic if you go down the Coast. Some beautiful quaint towns, villages, its very rejuvinating.

September 26, 02h

Looking forward to seeing you at WE04 Dave. I’d tend to confer with everyone else and say “take the plane” and spend more time on the Great Ocean Road - it really is beautiful.

If you’re not over-run by adoring fans and need to know where the best watering holes are - St Kilda’s a great place to sit outside and have a beer on a warm spring afternoon - contact details are Mob: 0418893116.

mattymcg says:
September 26, 03h

Actually that’s a good point that Luke makes - the best parts of Melbourne are outside the CBD, so if you haven’t organized accommodation yet then think about staying somewhere like St Kilda, Richmond, Carlton or generally one of those lively hubs that are close to the city, well furnished with public transport and more interesting (and probably less expensive) than a city hotel.

I will go out on a limb here and state that Melbourne is absolutely the best place in the world to eat out, so make the most of it! Vietnamese/Turkish in Victoria St, Nepalese/Argentinian/Indonesian/Thai in Bridge Road, Italian/Greek in Lygon St, everything else in St Kilda, you can’t go wrong. Have fun.

Mark Stanton says:
September 26, 03h

Don’t be put off by these clowns telling you to fly :) Drive! Its the only way to see the place. Take a couple of days and do the coast road. Seriously worth it.

See you later in the week.

Ian Main says:
September 26, 05h

It’s getting close now. The drive from Sydney to Melb is amazing, for me its Canberra to Melb. It’s all about the Twelve Apostles.

Can’t wait till Thursday! Anyone staying in the Mercure Hotel Sydney on Broadway?

September 26, 05h

Yes, like I said earlier. Drive! Thats the only way to see the place and take back some unforgettable memories.

Just got news from Maxine that you have arrive down-under. Enjoy!! ;0) Hope you had a pleasant trip.

Cam says:
September 26, 10h

I’d be keen for any of the above! Catch me on 0421 616 955 or email cam [at symbol] selfgratification [dot] org.

Cam says:
September 26, 11h

I’m happy to organise something for Melbourne, so if you’re keen to come along, email me at the above address and I’ll see what I can do.

Dave: any preference for time of day?

AkaXakA says:
September 27, 01h

“you’ll find that Australians are Canadians’ long lost cousins”

Yup. The black sheep of the family.

(Refering to it’s former state as inmate island :P)

Nathan says:
September 27, 03h

Welcome to Australia Dave and anybody else who is on the way over here.

I wish I could be at WE04 but cant make it sadly, hopefully next time I’ll be there.

Have fun while your here, oh and keep left ;).


September 27, 05h

Another welcome to Australia message (even if I am in Stockholm at the moment).

Have a great time; you’ll find that Australians are Canadians’ long lost cousins. Don’t forget to go down to Bondi and have lunch. The Icebergs is expensive but well worth it for the view. After lunch I’d recommend doing the cliff-walk from Bondi to Coogee. A few hours well spent.

Why did this happen when I’m overseas? Doh!

Bryan says:
September 27, 05h

Any chance they can hold WE05 in Indianapolis, IN next year :)

September 28, 03h

You lucky webdesigner ;) I wish I could go to Australia for a nice conference. Right now I´m sitting in Stockholm Sweden, it´s raining and about 10 degrees Celcius. Not even websurfing is fun in this weather :(

Well, you have a great time down under and let us know how it went, I´m sure you will.

Tom says:
September 30, 07h

Sheesh kebab, thats one heck of a long drive! Well, good luck with the WE04 gig, wish some of the poorer we designers out there could afford to go but hey.

Have a great time.

Cam says:
October 01, 10h

Okey dokey… I have booked a table at Gurkha’s Cafe (360 Bridge Rd, Richmond) for 7pm on Tuesday night (the 5th).

If you want to come along and haven’t already been in touch, please email me by about midday Tuesday so I can add you to the booking (my email address is in comment #18).

mattymcg says:
October 04, 12h

In case people hadn’t heard, the dinner Cam organized above has been superceded by the “Dave ‘n’ Doug in Melbourne” event. Info at