Veer, Marketing

July 22, 2004 4PM PST

A pleasant little surprise showed up in my mailbox this afternoon: summer goodies from Veer, the creative materials provider. This is a company that knows its market.

Veer’s catalogues have always been of a particularly high quality. Instead of a boring contact sheet with type and image samples, Veer puts its designers to work coming up with creative ways of displaying stock. You can see what a great job they do by browsing through the PDF back issues.

Veer's Very Big Summer Activity Book for Creatives

But they’ve really outdone themselves this time. July’s catalogue is a 101 page booklet called the “Very Big Summer Activity Book for Creatives”. It’s a bunch of puzzles, crosswords, and general fun little activities all wrapped in the Veer brand. And of course every single photo, typeface, and illustration used within the booklet is available at

With this kind of clever advertising and the general high quality of their catalogue, it’s no wonder I smile every time a piece from Veer shows up in the mail. It’s worth buying a throw-away font or photo just to get on their mailing list.

(I’m not receiving a cent for saying this, in case there was doubt; I’m just a happy customer.)