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July 01, 2004

If you’re in or around Valencia, Spain over the next few days, stop by the OFFF festival and hear me speak.

I held off on mentioning this here until I absolutely knew for certain. As far down to the wire as you can get, I woke up the morning of the flight and finally had confirmation once and for all that yes, indeed, the trip was on. I’m in a time zone 9 hours ahead of my usual right now typing this, so I am here and will be on stage on Saturday.

It’s sort of a flash festival, sort of a media festival, sort of a web festival. It’s like the three branches of SXSW compressed into one. Looking through the list of fellow speakers is inspiring and humbling, as some of the greats of the design world are going to be here. If you have a chance, do come check it out.

And unrelated, but lest it pass uncommemorated, a happy one year anniversary to us.