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Lorem Ipsum

June 09, 2004

Ye Olde Lorem Ipsum Generator — fortified and extra strong, this is the new

What in the world is Lorem Ipsum? The practice of ‘greeking’ (as in ‘it’s all Greek to me’) is a time-honoured tradition of substituting made-up, pseudo-Latin text in a mockup for what will eventually become real content. ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…’ is the beginning of the most famous of ‘Greeked’ passages.

Why do it? Two very practical reasons. One, you haven’t received content yet. In lieu of beginning your next best-selling novel within a client’s mockup, having a set of stock verbage to copy and paste into a text field saves time. Two, clients get hung up on the text itself. If you’ve ever passed off a mockup and couldn’t wrestle feedback out of them more specific than “change word 15 to ‘grandpa’”, you know what I’m talking about. Design previews should almost never contain real data or text, if your goal is to elicit impressions about the design itself.

And this new generator is among the best I’ve seen. Ugly, but form over function in spades. Paragraph and word count! Foreign languages! Smart ass commentary! Morse code, L33tspeak, Esperanto, and I’ve never even heard of Volapük before, but they’re all in there. Ye Olde Lorem Ipsum Generator: it’s like rhubarb for your mind.

Reader Comments

June 09, 04h

Volapük is the first known “invented” language. The german/austrian philosopher Andreas Leo Findeisen wrote a really interesting article about such languages (which includes todays programming languages as well as Volapük and Esperanto): - some photos from Volapük:

regards, Michael

June 09, 05h

The problem I have with most random text generators, including this one – and the one at – is that when I want random text, I want it fast … I don’t want to scroll down the page, figure out a whole lot of variables and then get the text.

Malevole’s random text generator is the best for this:

Top of the page, number of paragraphs, one button, go!

Dan says:
June 09, 05h

If you want quick access Lorem Ipsum, then check out the “Lorem Ipsum Content Generator” plug-in for FireFox.

Well, perhaps it’s not too quick and easy. I haven’t had any sucess getting the blasted thing installed on my copy of FireFox. So good luck on that. But if it’s anything like his TinyURL button it theoretically could be quite handy…

June 09, 05h

Thank you for mentioning my site, hopefully my server doesn’t choke…

“Ugly, but form over function…” Posh design will be added in due course, so far I’ve been busy wrestling with utf-8 …and pestering folks for linkage.

Unfortunately, more often than not I see that visitors have difficulties with copy&paste; I’ll have to add some notes on clipboard handling troubles across different clients/OSes/CMSes (pardon me, I’m grammatically challenged:), though utf-8 as a rule does it well on Win/Mac/*nix, it remains tricky.

C. Adams:
“The problem I have… is that when I want random text, I want it fast…”

Shameless self promotion kicks in instantaneously: is the bare bones/zero fuss interface; besides, generator2 provides a service for getting dummy copy without visiting my poor&ugly site - I concede that it is somewhat hidden, but when I see a chance to wiggle in snotty remarks, I just can’t control the urge; us scripters somehow don’t get the respect we so much deserve.

June 09, 07h

“when I want random text, I want it fast”

I had the same need and just created a bookmark with the parameters I want, for example:

I release this bookmark into the public domain. :)

Jeremy S. says:
June 10, 01h

Thats a great tool, I’ve been using it in filling up templates for about a year or so. I’m so glad someone had pointed it out to me then, as I’m sure many will say when they read this later.

It allows to you to see what your layout looks like without “real” content.

June 10, 02h

Available in the ultimate windows toolbar, Dave’s Quick Search Taskbar , is a lipsum keyword for generating lorum ipsum text. (I highly recommend this tool because it supports easy look up of pretty much anything from the windows toolbar). Can’t get easier than that!

Linda says:
June 10, 05h

My favorite generator (gotta love the Matrix and Pseudo German):

cam c. says:
June 10, 07h

Dave, great link… this is the first one I’ve seen that handles Asian languages. (I’m sure I’d find some if I searched the respective Asian Googles, but this is quick and easy.)

The Japanese is a little heavy on the katakana script (the square, simple phonetic characters that are used to write foreign words in Japanese) to be really useful, though… too bad…

June 10, 07h

>The Japanese is a little heavy on the katakana script…
MSIE unfortunately doesn’t handle well utf-8 based Japanese kanji and certain Chinese chars in most configurations, so I centered on katakana/hiragana to have a decent display in non-MSIE *and* MSIE clients - I can’t help it, ask Bill G. (consider being polite)

You may want to check the “NERD NOTE” on generator2.

June 10, 08h

I have always just gone here…

Marcel says:
June 10, 12h

I like to use:

Scroll down, select, copy/paste, done.

June 11, 02h

So you want one-click Lipsum, huh? Click here: - one-click links for all other languages/charsets included.

Should sue me, I’ll sue all the one-click addicts on this page that made me do it!

mathew says:
June 14, 04h

never posted here before.

read your post and wanted to tell your mac-users about this app that i use all the time rather than the web, maclorem (

it’s great. makes up lots of gibberish in different languages in case you’ve some smart-assed client who knows latin or something!

anyways, have fun with it.