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Other Redesigns

June 08, 2004

Stopdesign, Reloaded and Just Watch the Sky: I Heart You — speaking of redesigns, Doug and Ryan launch a couple of killer remixes.

On StopDesign

Incredible work, and in such a short time after pitching the old one for Phase I. If comments are any indication, Stopdesign v3 is a smash hit. Hats off to the master.

On Just Watch the Sky

A red banner topping a blue content area — who would have ever thought that would work?! Beautiful gradient work, good use of Inman’s Flash Replacement, and a consistently strong type treatment equal a smash hit. Nicely done.

Reader Comments

dusoft says:
June 08, 04h

I guess Dave knows about this issue already. OT

I haven’t noticed H2 missing and I can see it in the code.

Anne says:
June 08, 10h

He fixed it, along with a nice change that looks like ‘display:run-in’ but isn’t :-).

Anne says:
June 08, 11h

(Off topic: you are skipping a header level here. From H1 to H3. And when I press preview I get your old design…)

Dave says:
June 09, 08h

I have to post my initial reaction to the Stopdesign redesign. I was thoroughly appreciating the new design when I thought I’d probe deeper in the site, so I clicked on Experiments and was shocked by the separate style! I don’t usually get so excited over re-designs, but then I HAD to click on the other sections, just to see them - and yes they, too, were all individually styled. This re-design drew me in completely.

Fantastic work, Doug.