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Weblog Entry

Great CSS Design

February 29, 2004

I just haven’t had time to cruise for new and inspiring work recently, which is a shame because there is some absolutely fantastic standards-compliant work showing up these days.

These have been pretty well covered elsewhere, but regardless, here’s a good-sized list of some of the work I’ve been enjoying lately. Hats off to each of you!

Fish Marketing
A clever theme carried through to logical conclusion (Freshness, anyone?). The bros. Fish have built a low-in-navigation, high-in-concept instant classic.
WDDG? Standards Compliance? Can it be? It can, and oh is it good. (Don’t miss the tanks in the footer…)
Serco TransArctic Expedition
No stereotypical snow and ice theme here, designer Damien du Toit has built an incredible site to chronicle an incredible voyage. Damien’s tech notes include a brief and tantalizing mention of live updates during the trip (which started on Thursday if all went according to plan).
Pixel-fresh titles, theme switching, and a great set of work. Australian Kirk Bentley’s portfolio site cranks up the lickability factor. Mmm, orange.
Design Dojo
Fellow Canadian Sam Royama’s great portfolio/weblog. Simply elegant, with great detail. Come back Sam, we miss you.
Fellow Canada-lover Greg Storey’s classy, and safe weblog. The recent redesign is a brilliant fit; the light, white space enriched header floating above the grounded content is one of the more clever visual metaphors I’ve seen in a while. Bravo!
The Man in Blue
A strong showing by Aussie Cam Adams. Smooth background tiling, and unrelenting blue (just call me biased). Nice attention to content design on the post pages, something that gets overlooked a little too often.
Adobe. Macromedia. Quark.
That’s a smokin’ trifecta.
PixelTable (or {pxl>table}, or whatever those crazy artist types are doing with punctuation these days)
C’mon. It’s a Carole Guevin production. It’s good. Mm-hmm.
Firewheel Design
Texan Josh Williams’ day job. (also see his YellowLane and IconBuffet). Josh has a knack for well-contrasting colour schemes, beautiful ligatures, and wildly lush and imaginative illustration and icon work. A true inspiration.