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Weblog Entry

...and Australia!

February 19, 2004

Well it seems like I’ve been asleep at the wheel. All sorts of print publications have been covering the Zen Garden, and I’m only now starting to hear about them.

Keep them coming as you spot ‘em, this is great! None of these publications sent me notice they’re running spots on the Garden, and since the magazine market can get rather regional, chances are I won’t find them myself. A few more books are coming up that will also have some screenshots, though I’ve told the authors to contact the individual designers for permission too; you should know about those if you’re going to be in them.

I have it on good word from Ian Lloyd (currently in the thick of his world tour [the lucky devil]) that the Australian-based PIXELmag featured the Zen Garden in a recent issue, I’m not quite sure what all they’ve said. I’ll twist his arm for a scan once he’s back to regular life.

thumbnail of scan

As I mentioned in a comment on the last post, it’s also shown up in the UK-based LinuxFormat (on newsstands now, but hurry — yellow cover, page 62 I believe, just a short blurb) and the US-based Interaction.

Word came in last evening from Nick Cowie in Australia that another publication down under,, has printed some more screen shots and a write-up on web standards. The scan is here, which features the following five designs:

I’ll try to keep up with the appearances elsewhere. I’m sure this will get old sooner or later, but I’m enjoying the novelty for now.