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Weblog Entry

Dailies Update

February 03, 2004

Way way way overdue, the Dailies sidebar on this site now has a full set of browsable archives, and for those who haven’t discovered it yet, a corresponding RSS Feed.

Both have always been around, if you knew where to look. Which until now meant hitting the comment counter, then hacking the URL to get back to the /dailies/ root. But thanks to, you know, all number of excuses, they were never more than unstyled HTML. People were finding them, particularly comment spammers, so it was time to give ‘em some attention.

Good: links that were temporal and mostly unavailable after they rolled off the current list are now there for the perusing.

Bad: You can see the precise moment in July when I switched the way I coded them. Entries older than July 24th aren’t unordered lists, they’re simply a dump of links. This isn’t expected to be corrected any time soon.

Also Bad: The archive pages could be better. Instead of the links with title-bound commentary in a <ul>, I’d prefer to generate something like Doug Bowman’s SeeAlso and drop the commentary on the page itself.

But I built the Dailies’ custom Movable Type weblog before solutions like this and this came to light. Every entry is built with a bit of markup within the entry itself:

<ul title="february 2nd dailies">
 <li><a href="#" title="commentary">link text</a></li>
 <li><a href="#" title="commentary">link text</a></li>
 <li><a href="#" title="commentary">link text</a></li>

So generating custom data views isn’t possible without some heavy-duty PHP, which in the end I may end up investigating.

My method is a bit of extra work, but it saves me from the tedium of “begin new post, enter proper data in each field, save post, wait for build” that one of the other solutions would require for each of the 5 to 10 links a day. It also allows comments on each day, rather than each item, which is arguably more sensible. Or so one could reason.

Perhaps sometime in the future I’ll re-visit this, but for now, it works. Enjoy.