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Merry Christmas

December 23, 2003

Off to enjoy family and friends for the holidays. I leave you the gift of links! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Festive Kwanzaa, and so on. Whatever you celebrate, and even if you don’t, enjoy the rest of 2003.

8 Comic Books
Andrea Piernock’s festive Zen Garden entry.
7 Packs of Smokes
Excellent Flash-based snowflake creator.
6 packs of Two-four
12 year old Alex Miller’s playground. The next generation is already getting started!
5 Golden Toques
I worked with Rafael Ebron on the redesign a few months back. He’s competing in Ironman Canada 2004, and looking to raise $7,500 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. A festive round of layoffs at AOL leaves him in a poor spot to meet the goal; consider giving a few bucks and spreading the word.
4 Pounds of Backbacon
Mini iPods? Could it be? What makes me suspicious is the proposed ‘body colours’. Call me a skeptic…
3 French Toast
Flash paper airplanes. Arrow keys and space to control, 1-4 for special actions.
2 Turtlenecks
Derek Powazek on learning to love the Tree
And a Beer… in a tree
Bob & Doug MacKenzie’s original 12 Days. A Canadian Classic.

Reader Comments

jonathan says:
December 23, 07h

Excellent! As a non-Canadian fan of the Bros. MacKenzie I really got a chuckle from the reference…you hoser ;-).

Happy Holidays and good cheer.

craig says:
December 23, 08h

Great post! Regarding the mini iPods, I think the fact that they are possibly offering different body colors makes it MORE believable. A $99 product will appeal to a much wider market. “Adults” can still get the classy white iPod and kids will want the cool colored ones that parents may be more willing to buy.

Plus, with iTunes on Windows Apple really has to get into the affordable player space or let other manufactures saturate the market.

Anyway, I could be dead wrong, but the mini iPod might match their iBook and eMac line quite well. It will be interesting to see what happens and what others think.

Zelnox says:
December 23, 09h

I just saw on PBS tonight Barra McNeils Cape Breton Christmas Special. It’s mostly celtic and traditional music. I like ^_^. Quite heart-warming and joyful.

Keith says:
December 24, 02h

Bob and Doug are the best - but do you have the action figures? They come complete with lots of little beer cases and bottles. Classic.

Happy Holidays Dave!

Dris says:
December 24, 03h

Ah, Bob and Doug… Haven’t seen them in a long time! Hilarious stuff…

Alex says:
December 24, 10h

Thanks a thousand times for the link!

Jeremy says:
December 25, 02h

An excellent song, done by one of the best acts to come out of SCTV. Poor show, all but forgotten now….

MikeyC says:
December 25, 06h

“Poor show, all but forgotten now….”

I beg to differ. SCTV is played in Canada on The Comedy Network and I still watch….I’m sure many others do too… I don’t know if it’s carried in the US or not…

resonance says:
December 26, 09h

Dave, I’m travelling too, but I’m stopping by the daily reads to wish their authors a happy holiday season. Take care.

Haunani says:
December 27, 02h

Mele Kalikimaka a Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!
(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!)

Matt says:
December 27, 05h

I tried to understand the Canadian skit, really I did. I read it a couple of times. I think you might have to be Canadian?

Merry Xmas from a confused Aussie.

PS. Thanks for the information and inspiration throughout the year Dave, have a great holiday.

December 28, 08h

Thanks Dave for the mention. Hope you have a great Christmas, and you know I’ll visit in Canada when I do run this thing.

December 30, 03h

Not that I really know the difference, but those paper airplanes were made with Director, not Flash. My flash-equipped browser wouldn’t play them. (And I really don’t want to install yet another plugin.)