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December 11, 2003

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season must mean that WestCiv is offering its online CSS course for free, and what do you know, they sure are. The introduction is available for another few days, so if you’re looking to learn or brush up on your CSS, this is the place to be for the next few months. §

Speaking of Christmas, you may have noticed the festive touch on this site as well. Thanks to Keith Robinson for the inspiration. §

  • Andy Budd has a few new CSS-based sites you may not have caught yet.
  • Paul Scrivens of the great CSS Vault throws the weblog format for a loop.
  • TBWA Vancouver. View source. You know, this CSS stuff might just be catching on. (TBWA Vancouver is the local chapter of the global ad agency)
  • A somewhat different take on navigation, found by Adrian Holovaty.
  • Enhanced Structural Markup with Javascript. This is what Javascript should be used for: progressive enhancement, instead of creating dependencies. Excellent article by Simon Willison.
  • Keith Robinson also tackles the concept of redesign in a thoughtful way. Even a small change like, oh, adding a font-adjust button is not without its share of headaches.
  • IE vulnerability — spoofing the domain name in the address bar. Grab Firebird now if you haven’t, it’s really quite good. And, you know, secure.
  • Photoshop Tennis. Er, Lightboxing. Well, Coudal’s in on the latter, so we’ll call it ‘inspiration’. Whatever, Veer still has the best catalogues ever.
  • And of course, how could I forget Shaun Inman’s own Designologue. You know Shaun Inman. Yeah, that guy. (thanks ste)
  • Rolling Stone’s Steve Jobs Interview. I’ve yet to read it, bookmarking for my own linking pleasure.
  • It’s to the point where the history of type is a strange and mysterious beast to those who have known nothing but the digital age. Frederic Goudy type catalogue from 1914. Beautifully anachronistic. §

Incredibly heartfelt thanks to all who have contacted me in the past week and a half after the announcement. I will shed a little more light soon. I’ve turned down the various Nigerian opportunities, but I appreciate the thought, boys. §

Reader Comments

December 11, 01h

Dave–you may also appreciate the recent New York Times story on the iPod (warning, long link):

Niket says:
December 11, 03h

With Opera, I got a message saying that my username may be transmitted and if I wished to continue. No such warning was given by Firebird. All the three browsers (Op, FB, IE) went to MS page that said “Please use”.

Can anyone help me understand how IE is bigger security thread then Opera and Firebird, except for the fact that I get a choice to press cancel button when Opera prompts me.

Michael R. Havard says:
December 11, 05h

MS IE has 80 or more % of the browser market. Essentially insecurity through popularity vs. security through obscurity.


December 11, 07h

What? Who? Me? Thanks for the nod Dave (and the reminder Ste).

Coudal and I sat down over Guinness (and martinis and white russians…it was a long night ;D) about a year ago and discussed possible collaboration opportunities between PsT and Designologue and the potential for the game to pay for itself without having to compromise the art or integrity of the collaboration. The Lightboxing strain is clever in that Veer manages the hosting and bandwidth while the matches and the brand awareness they build amount to a full-scale, viral marketing campaign.

I’m not claiming that either party is acting out of self-interest (I don’t see how Armin of SpeakUp fits into this equation or if he even needs to) since I’m on the outside looking in; but even if that was the situation, this symbiosis wouldn’t bother me in the least.

It works out for all parties involved, including me, the viewer.

December 11, 10h

“IE vulnerability ó spoofing the domain name in the address bar. GrabFirebird now if you havenít, itís really quite good. And, you know, secure.”

As mentioned by Sam Ruby at , the IE vulnerability also affects Mozilla. In my quick test in Firebird 0.7 for Mac, the vulnerability exists. I’m all for Mozilla, but the reporting is somewhat one-sided it seems.

Dave S. says:
December 11, 11h

Even though Veer is doing it for promotional reasons (the same as the way they host viral media) it’s a clever use of marketing that I can actually support. Yeah, it’s product placement, but in an appropriate and actually fun way.

What it adds that PST and Designologue haven’t already brought to the table, well, that’s the question I was trying to get at. A bit of a weak first effort when compared to the other two, but my enthusiasm for Veer excuses any deficiencies. For now.

Dave S. says:
December 11, 11h

It affects the status bar, but not the address bar.

True, the Mozilla glitch is a problem too, but after you’re on the site, it’s a little more obvious something is up.

ste says:
December 11, 11h

The status bar has long been hijackable in any Javascript-enabled browser. I have seen sites spoof wrong domains in the status bar using Javascript for a long time now. That’s why I simply turn off Javascript status bar changes in Mozilla and Firebird. I’ve never seen a good reason for someone to hijack the text in my status bar, but there are plenty of bad reasons.

Anyway … like the festive redesign. Perhaps I should do something similar. We’ll see how inspired I feel after work. ;) And speaking of Photoshop Tennis and Lightboxing, you might want to check out Designologue:

Kevin says:
December 12, 08h

hey Dave, I noticed that you don’t style form elements (textboxes, and buttons). Any specific reason for this?

I’ve always wondered about the … ‘benefits’ of styling these elements rather than allowing the users’ OS/browser to natively style them …

December 12, 09h

Veer catalogs rule. I always look through them even if I have no need to buy anything. Nice eye candy.