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November 24, 2003

‘Tis the season for industry events, fa-la-la…

I’m a few months early for South by Southwest, but before we get to that: WestCiv builds the popular StyleMaster CSS Editor and publishes the House of Style. WestCiv is hosting a series of workshops on CSS layout in Sydney, Australia in a few weeks. The first has sold out, and the second only has a few seats left. Anyone looking to sharpen their CSS skills who will be in the area on December 12th may want to book a seat, like, now. It would seem that the Zen Garden will be a focus; don’t let that fool you, I’m not taking a cut for plugging the workshop. WestCiv is a company that really gets it; that’s worth supporting.

The beginning of next year is looking mighty interesting. What I can tell you for sure is that somehow, some way, I’ll be finding myself in Austin in March for SXSW Interactive.

The Zen Garden has been entered in the Awards as a developer resource, since I can’t quite see it taking the ‘Humor’ or ‘Music’ prizes. Should I hedge our bets and enter it as an ‘Experimental’ site as well? Perhaps an ‘Art’ site? I’ve heard categorization of the awards has been a problem in the past; trying to lump a large enough site into one category is no easy task.

And if you go to the panel grid, you’ll see a ton of panels it will be hard to choose from, and a very impressive roster of panelists running down the right. Somehow, some way, I’ve managed to work myself onto that list (which will update any time now…), but I think I’ll leave precisely what and who I’ll be presenting with a surprise for now. It’s going to be a good one, provided I’m not completely overwhelmed by the amount of very cool people I’ll be meeting for the first time.

More coming as more develops. Three and a half months isn’t looking that far off.

Reader Comments

ste says:
November 24, 01h

And to think I was trying to decide whether I should definitely go or not… looks like I need to get a little presentation ready for my boss tomorrow to win her over to the idea of my going next March. :D

dez says:
November 24, 06h

I was fortunate enough to attend the very first of the Westciv workshops held in Melbourne and it was well worth it. I learnt alot and it could have easily been run over two days. I can highly recommend it for anyone who’s got the CSS basics down and who wants to take it further. Apparently John is looking to run similar worskhops in the US or Canada around January next year. So contact Westciv if you’re interested. And no I don’t work for them either but they really are well worth supporting.

Adam Rice says:
November 25, 12h

Drop me a line when you come, I’ll take you to my favorite BBQ joint.

November 26, 06h

sxsw’s site doesn’t look quite right in IE6. The right column ends in the middle of its content and the page ends with 150 lines of nothing.

The first problem doesn’t occur in Mozila 1.5 though.