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Weblog Entry

Fog Creek Software

November 03, 2003

It’s site launch day again!

Fog Creek logo

Today’s redesign is Fog Creek Software, purveyors of the popular CityDesk web publishing system and FogBugz bug database software. You’ve probably heard of Fog Creek’s founder, Joel Spolsky, via his popular weblog, Joel on Software.

My role was providing three custom CSS-driven templates for the various sections, built from the ground up to validate as XHTML Strict. Fog Creek was able to take the templates, plug them into CityDesk (which is coming along very nicely as a standards-compliant content management system, by the way), and customize the layout and content as was deemed necessary.

No, most pages don’t validate, and you’ll even find the odd table within the content. But Fog Creek should be commended for their forward-thinking approach to building web sites, echoed in both their products and on their company site.