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Weblog Entry

Link Fest

October 23, 2003

In an attempt to catch up with all the things that would have made the Dailies if they weren’t still down, here are a few juicy bits and pieces for your linking pleasure.

Branding Mozilla: Towards Mozilla 2.0
Fellow Canadian Steven Garrity writes a tremendously good article on branding Mozilla which should (and hopefully will) be used as a starting point for the re-branding effort.
Saffron-fresh weblog from Texas designer Josh Williams.
SXSW Web Awards
2004 Awards are open for entry. I’m thinking of entering the Zen Garden. Can you do that and not be at the conference? I’m still not sure if I’m going or not.
iTunes for Windows
Everyone and their dog has seen this by now. It’s pretty, but slow.
CSS House
A house entirely in CSS borders. Built for Claire’s CSS Challenge. Why? Because they can.
More ESPN Flash mischief
Adrian Holovaty uncovers an incredibly odd use of Flash for headlines. Mike Davidson defends it well. Still…
THE place to go to brush up on CSS floats.
Top Ten Canadian Weblogs
Well look who’s number 8. All your suspicions have been confirmed: Canada is rather geeky.
Original ‘Master of Orion’ game art explained
Ten years old, and I still play this game from time to time.
MOMA Redesigns Logo
Who’s more anal: semantic web geeks, or typography geeks?

Reader Comments

October 23, 02h

Regarding the Web Awards for Zen Garden, it’s a shoe-in for a finalist, and the finalists get invited. In other words, you’d get a free badge to the Interactive conference. I’m not sure if they cover airfare though. Good luck.

Dave S. says:
October 23, 02h

Ooh! That would make my decision easier!

Jon says:
October 23, 03h

With all due respect to the conductor of the Web Log ranking, I have reservations about a web-log that ranks itself among the most read in Canada, a nation of millions of web users… Nevertheless, congrats on your site’s ranking; your site content and style alone set your ‘blog’ (I hate that term) near the top of many lists. Keep doing what you’re doing, and I applaud all others like you.

Dave S. says:
October 23, 04h

If you take a look at his ranking system- - you’ll see it’s far from scientific. I get the feeling the whole thing is a little tongue-in-cheek anyway, so I’m more ‘amused’ than ‘honoured’.

But thanks for the nice comment!

Matt says:
October 23, 08h

If it’s at all possible, you have to come to SxSW.

Dave S. says:
October 23, 08h

I’m going to do my best. James’ observation might make it a whole lot easier for me to say yes.

I almost can’t *not* go this year.

Ian Lloyd says:
October 24, 07h

Dave - really, trust me, it’s a must-do. You’re *only* in Canada. I can say this, having flown to Austin TX JUST for the interactive event. However, I may find it more difficult to get there this time around, being in Australia somewhere with a backpack trying to save pennies and staying at the cheapest accommodation going. Heck, a few nights at The Omni Downtown will be like LUXURY!

Who knows, maybe I will see you there. Still working on how the buggery bollocks I’m gonna do this.

But you, sir, have NO excuse.

Ian Lloyd says:
October 24, 07h

Er, I missed out the point that I flew “to Austin TX JUST for the interactive event” from the UK. You probably sussed it out for yourself, but other people reading these comments might not get the point.

Ho hum

Charles says:
October 25, 12h

You don’t have to be present to enter the SXSW awards. If you make the finals, they’ll give you a free badge - but they don’t pay airfare or the hotel.
Some people have, in the past, had special “fundraising” projects to help cover their costs. As brilliant as you are at web development, I’m sure you would have many volunteers willing to make a donation in exchange for some development work - if you had the time (some people last year basically gave a “raincheck” for future services if they weren’t able to complete all their fundraising projects before the conference.)

October 27, 07h

Always glad to see another Orion fan in the web world. If you’re interested enough in Orion art to want to make some, we can always use another hand with FreeOrion – we are to the MOO series what FreeCiv is to Civ, or, at least, that’s where we’re going. or

SK / “Aquitaine”