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Zen Garden Trivia

October 05, 2003

It was only a matter of time before I got one of these.

I bought this little ornamental zen garden because it fascinated me. I would like to know the history of zen gardens. How to set them up, and also how to get full relaxation benefits from them.

Just as Zeldman became an expert on Lawrence Welk for a short period, looks like I’ll have to stockpile a reserve of information on Zen Gardens.

Google and a brand new form e-mail to the rescue!

Reader Comments

iolaire says:
October 06, 06h

Isn’t it funny how they will email you instead of clicking on the #2 Google link (Zen Garden) which is a university site on Zen Gardens!

Chuckie says:
October 06, 06h

Thats classic.

October 06, 07h

I used to have a page on my website dedicated to the wonderful hazelnut chocolate spread “Nutella”. A month or so ago, I received a series of angry emails telling me that I was a “f***ing bastard”,”evil”, and that I deserved to die.

Apparently, these were angry Kobe Bryant fans convinced I worked for NutellaUSA. It turns out that Kobe Bryant was used to promote Nutella in this country, and he lost this position following the recent allegations.

Anyway, I took down the Nutella page because I was fed up with people hotlinking to its images (jars, recipe photos, etc.) rather than the emails.

I also run a small site dedicated to moving from the UK to the US (mostly about the Visa process). The emails I get as a result from that are ALWAYS entertaining.

Chris Cooper says:
October 06, 07h

If it was me, I would have been an expert on zen gardens, even if only for one email.

p says:
October 06, 08h

exactly, why not just make stuff up to send to people who are too stupid to actually read what the site is about?

Keith says:
October 06, 10h

I’ve been mistaken for both J.K. Rowling and Mike Metzger because of posts on my site. It’s pretty funny when you get hate mail for killing off (well I guess I don’t want to spoil anything) “someone” in the latest Harry Potter book, or mad props for being such a sick moto-x rider.

Ah, but these are some of the little things in life that are so much fun.

Dave S. says:
October 06, 10h

Now that the name ‘J.K. Rowling’ has turned up on my site I’m sure to get a few of the same… wonderful.

It’s amazing the kind of e-mail that you get from Google searches though. is a great idea for comments, but could apply equally to your contact form.

I’m hesitant to shut down ability to contact me though. I’d rather put up with the various oddball e-mails than hinder access. Hey, I get interesting fodder from them some days, so it’s not like it’s a huge problem yet.

Mark says:
October 06, 11h

I have never known anyone who invested time learning about Zen gardens who regretted it later.

Lars says:
October 07, 05h

“I have never known anyone who invested time learning about Zen gardens who regretted it later.”

Dave, now you know where to forward those requests.

Mark, I really like your new site!

mog says:
October 14, 10h

Some people are dumb if they can’t find it on Google. I will mention after finding this site, I loved the css Zen Garden, such a beautiful variety of design, inspiring, whole site is, thanks.

Rich says:
October 20, 12h

I, too, would like to know more about Zen Gardens.

Please email me what you know at

Thank you!

PS - Love the site! Very cool! :)

November 03, 07h

No need to buy a zen garden. Use my free java applet instead!