Eolas: Black or White?

September 25, 2003 2PM PST

Questioning Mike Doyle’s motives.

Originally commented on Todd’s thoughtful piece on what Mike Doyle of Eolas should do with his recent windfall from Microsoft:

With this patent, and the resulting half billion, Doyle has a hell of a power over today’s web. He can make or break every browser on the market.

There’s no indication yet whether he’s a good guy or not. He’s given the web community no sign of good faith. And until that day comes, his ability to destroy Microsoft’s competition remains an overwhelming shadow.

I’d absolutely love it if he turned out to be a friend. If this is David and Goliath, he needs to throw the first stone. Doyle, it’s your move. What’ll it be?

I needn’t duplicate what has been said elsewhere, but this patent issue is huge, and could potentially change the landscape of the web. We’re quick to assume the worst, but could Doyle be the biggest friend Mozilla, Opera, and Apple have right now?

The developers and the competing entities out there to Microsoft, I think, will come to find that we are more of a friend than a threat. (Mike Doyle, Eolas)

Could there be a glimmer of hope with quotes like this? I want to believe.