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September 17, 2003

Back in the saddle. Archive of today’s temporary page follows, since there are bound to be questions and bits of advice.

!$%&@* §

When the high-tech method fails, there are always low-tech alternatives.

Thanks to an increasingly spotty host, I’m kicking it Zeldman-style today and hand-coding this in Notepad. It would seem that any files ending in .asp are timing out, and reporting strange things.

So the easy alternative is an index.html in my root. Which is what you’re viewing now.

All this to say I’m still alive, I’m not going anywhere, and this will all be worked out shortly.

Thanks for your patience. Keep checking the archives — when things are restored, you should be able to view the rest of the site.


Since this page is ephemeral anyway §

mezzoblue + Apple. The day has come. I finally took the plunge and picked up my first Mac this week. Ever.

Here’s a fun thing: prices are, as a rule, more in Canada. In this case, Apple charges a 50% premium on all its products. So for the low, low price of $2000, I just barely managed to buy the lowest-end iBook they currently ship. Fun!

To be fair, I sprung for an extra 512MB of RAM that’s included in that price. So even this comparatively underpowered piece piece of sexy, sexy plastic now has more juice than my existing system.

Have I “switched”? Not a chance. Will I? Time will tell. Am I loving OS X? Why yes I am, thanks for asking.

Places you can go §
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Reader Comments

Dave S. says:
September 17, 04h

Um, heading you all off at the pass: I have a new host in mind already, but thanks anyway! The thought is appreciated.

MikeyC says:
September 17, 06h

“Im kicking it Zeldman-style today and hand-coding this in Notepad.”

It’s what I use… and I “hand-roll” my RSS Feed Zeldman-style too ;)

Alicia says:
September 17, 06h

Congrats on the new Mac, Dave! Now that you’re a bona-fide Mac owner, you can drop that odd habit that PC users seem to have: typing “MAC” in all caps. What *is* that, anyway? ;-)

MikeyC says:
September 17, 07h

Alicia: “you can drop that odd habit that PC users seem to have: typing MAC in all caps. What *is* that, anyway? ;-)”

Although Macs are technically PCs, we often make the distinction between the two, and so typing “MAC” in all caps just seems to be aethetically more pleasing, I guess.

It’s YIN/YANG… YIN/Yang just doesn’t look right ;)

Jess Have says:
September 17, 09h

Congrats on the iBook. You will not regret this. Might want to check out Kung Log and … get an iSight :-)

chris m cooper says:
September 17, 10h

I have been a WinPC user/technician for seven years. Last year I started design school and started using Macs. I am now a proficient Mac user/technician also, as my scholarship agreement requires me to work as a lab technician. I have spent a tremendous amount of time with OS X, and I must say that it is an incredible piece of software, immediately changing an aging, buggy G4 into a rejuvinated graphics workhorse. I am proud to say that I don’t need to switch sides, I go both ways now. So take advantage of both systems, because they both have wonderful things to offer their users.

September 18, 02h

Cool! I use OS X and XP, and like both, although OS X will always get that little bit more time and affection from me. As well as everything else, Quartz text rendering beats cleartype. I’d recommend checking out NetNewsWire ( too…

dara says:
September 18, 02h

funny, if PC users were worried about what was more aethetically pleasing, they would be Mac users… LOL.

Anyway, Mac is a PC that runs system software developed by Apple. MAC is address protocal that is used in networks. One might come across this if one ever had to set up a router (wireless or otherwise). Anyway, it’s a mostly useless fact that will only help you if a) you are setting up a network or b) you’re on a game show.

Alicia says:
September 18, 09h

LOL on the YIN/YANG deal. Hmm I wanna test something out .. Mac. <–this was typed as title caps, like M a c. If it’s showing up in all caps (as it did in my first post), that proves my theory that Dave’s got some kind of filter that makes us all look like Wintel users. ;-) If not, then I’ve just made fool of myself. LOL

allgood2 says:
September 18, 09h

Thank You! It’s a pet-peeve for sure, but I hate when I see Mac written as MAC. One because, its an obvious reference to a wrong acronym, but also because its often used in all caps by someone saying something a tad bit ignorant about Apple’s OS like “The MAC registry isn’t accessible by your average user, I don’t like using machines I can’t modify.”