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A Second Voice: Bulletproof XHTML

September 03, 2003

Second Voice Icon: MarkupSelf-professed markup geek Evan Goer is a senior technical writer for Chordiant Software. He realized that web standards were important the day that Netscape 6 became available internally while working at Sun Microsystems, and he’s been recovering from the shock ever since.

In ‘Bulletproof XHTML’, Evan explores the full meaning and implications of XHTML. Using University of Texas physics professor Jacques Distler’s recent experiences with XHTML as a case study, Evan points out the quirks of the language, and how true forward-compatibility is a difficult proposition. This is the third edition of A Second Voice.

update: Well it looks like Evan wasn’t the only one thinking about this recently. WaSP has posted a new article to their “WaSP asks the W3C” series which expands on Evan’s coverage of MIME types and browser support. Make sure not to miss Serving XHTML with the Right MIME Type.