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Weblog Entry

A Second Voice: Build it, and They Will Come

August 10, 2003

We’re kicking off a new feature on mezzoblue today called “A Second Voice”. I use the ‘royal we’ because, in fact, this will be a joint effort.

As a web designer you are expected to understand (if not master) every specialty that exists. Be it Information Architecture, Usability, Design, Coding, Writing, Systems Integration, or Programming, you must have a solid grasp of each specialty to do your job well.

A Second Voice exists as a platform for the specialists to break down what they know into easily digestable pieces for the rest of us to chew on. Nic Steenhout is a long time disability rights activist. In this first edition focusing on Accessibility, Nic talks about challenges that the disabled face on the web, and why addressing those challenges is your responsibility as a designer. Lawsuits, auto mechanics, and the odd flame thrower make an appearance in this article, as well as some suggested further reading. Go read “Build it, and They Will Come”.